The sky burns with the oncoming approach of dawn.
It creeps over the horizon like some fiery demon coming
to scorch the earth and consume everything in its wake.

The quickening rays set the lake ablaze with their fire.
Two boats float in that molten hell, their slumbering crews
seemingly unaware of the danger they will soon succumb to.

As the sun stretches its terrible arms outward, the man runs.
Inch by inch, the path behind him begins to sizzle and crackle
with flames, until he is out of road and is forced to the bridge.

He wishes he could run faster, but already his lungs are aching.
A couple passes him by and continues toward the light, because
they are merely shadows, which need those fatal flames to exist.

His panic swells, for he knows how quickly the wood will burn.
And indeed, the bridge ignites almost in an instant, and the bonfire
devours it and adds it to the inferno as the man's face begins to melt.