After my first day I wanted to talk.
You asked how it was so I started to tell you.

I told you evrything
from first to last bell
what happened at breaktime
and lunchtime as well.
You said "oh that's nice"
and "really dear?"
I thought you were list'ning
but you didn't hear.

And when we got home
you asked me again
I repeated all that
I'd said to you then,
You didn't remember
a word I had said
In one ear out the other
didn't stay in your head.

By the end of the week
I'd learned to recognise
That glazed-over look
That comes into your eyes.
I learnt that when you
Ask me how things go
You're being polite
You don't want to know.

I pondered this and thought you might want to talk too
And so the next day I started to ask you.

"How was your day,
how did it go?"
And you told me evrything
and then asked me so
I told you evrything
but trailed off with a sigh
when I saw that glazed look
return to your eye.

I learnt that you wanted me
Just for my ears
To listen to your troubles
And soothe your fears
And so I stopped talking
And listened instead
And I locked all my feelings
In my heart and my head.

And I learned to listen
And feel others pain
But the things locked inside me
Were driving me insane

And now I can listen but my mouth is sealed
And the things that are inside me will never be revealed.