Dear Diary,

Starting my first year at college is going to be so awesome! I've already settled in my dorm and met my new roommate. She's cool, but she's sort of a loner. I'll pull the social side out of her.

Jen is going to college and she's studying to become a doctor. That's going to take forever. When she told me I was so happy for her. She's really excited about this. She said that she was going to miss all of us, especially days at Will's shop.

Will stayed at home and decided that he's going to take a year off before he goes to college. He's going to take over running the store and save up enough money so that he can pay it on his own. For some reason he didn't want to ask for money from his parents.

Alex went to a college for teaching and is going to become a teacher. I'm so proud of him, I think that's awesome. He's also got a new girlfriend. She's nice. I met her at our graduation party.

Speaking of, it was amazing! Will and Alex threw Jen into the pool. I laughed so hard. Sean even graduated with us. He was so happy, and I was happy to see him happy, especially after everything he'd done for me.

Sean is now going to college with me! And get this, we're going out! He's so nice and romantic. Just the other day I took him surfing again. He did okay, not as well as me though.

Life has been just amazing! I'm really excited and things are going really well. But of course, I didn't have to deal with the stress of taking out loans. Oh, that's Sean at the door. We're going to the beach for a welcome back bonfire. I'm so excited!

Much Love,