I've always been terrible at goodbyes

Hands tracing your fingers

Wishing I didn't have to let go

Purple baby bruises on my knuckles

Sunshine kisses slipping through

The spaces in between them

My feet drifting next to yours

Uncovered and drenched in ocean colors

Blissfully watching, waiting

For the absence of you

When words like "us" and "we"

Turn into empty phrases

You and me

No longer connected with strings of

Loveliness and security

Our bonds are stretched across cities

And run through streets hanging

On the lampposts into peoples bedrooms

Until my soul reaches yours at such distance

Where you are lying on your back listening

To your emo boy love songs

Unfeeling again

Forgetting me and my fascination


Cutting slowly at the thread where my heart

Met yours and we tied almost eternal knots

With blue eyes and star kisses

Drowning in light brown carpets where

We fell and dampened lives with

Mysteries so we could feel important

I think I needed you but I will never

Admit it because you are just another

Person living a parallel life to what you seem

I know you all to well and not enough

But even as I curse your name

Into the depths of Hell

I know that Fate never will allow another meeting

Between two broken souls

Unbeautiful apart and poisonous together

Star-crossed lives meant to change the world

Are destined to lie down in their graves

Still so far away from each other

Unwanted and forgotten