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"None of you may have known I was American when I lived here, well my mom was, but my dads decided to move to back to me mum's old country, where my dad cheated and deserted our family. And my mom's in rehab thanks to her addition to pills. So I live with my aunt and I've been traveling the world every since. The End."

She bowed, she smiled and she bowed.

Does that give you any idea on how mad this girl really is?

Yet I fell in love with her at that very moment. You're asking yourself, how? How could someone of your age know you were in love, at that very moment? I don't know how, Love is after all confusing. But I just got this feeling in my stomach, and it felt like a boulder.

How is that love, you ask? I don't know I'm not a poet; I'm just a teenage boy with hormones! I'm not suppose to give you the definition of love here, if you want that, go on the internet and look it up, or look it up in a book or what the hell ask your parents.

But anyway, Abigail was just standing there and then Georgia spoke, "Very nice Abi, anything more you want to say?"

Abigail shook her head and head for her seat. Georgia spoke again, "Abi, why are you sitting there?"

"'Cause that's where he put me." Was Abigail's reply as she pointed at the teacher, sitting at his desk reading a magazine, he looked up and just looked at Abigail, like she told she told the world his deep dark secret.

"I don't like that fact that you're seating there." Georgia, actually looked worried, and placed her hands at her hips. She looked around the room, to place Abigail somewhere else.

Her eyes landed on Alex. Alex sits right next to me, and his light green eyes fell on to my blue one. You could see he was worried.

"You there, red-head, move." Georgia. Alex isn't exactly someone you can push around; he doesn't go down without a fight. He of course argued, "Why? She's fine where she is," He stated. "I'm not sure why I have to-"

In a flash Georgia walked over to him at put her own emerald green in front of his. "Too bad, you'll sit where I tell you to sit…and you'll be sitting behind him." She pointed at me. I gulped, she's scary…

Abigail already picked up her stuff and walked over to her 'new' seat. And for the first time Alex didn't argue. He actually stood up, and walked past Abigail and sat behind me.

I told you he was my best friend, correct? So we didn't complain, but we tried not to look to happy about it either.

As Abi sat down, she apparently had an idea, "Georgie, you have to introduce yourself to the class too, you know." Georgia paused for a moment, and then smiled, a nice smile, but a little odd for her, like she was thinking of an evil plan to get rid of the Queen. "I think your right Abi."

And with that she headed up to the front of the class. Everyone was a little nervous, but we all knew that the rest of the year was going to be interesting.

Georgia spoke, like a leader of a country about to make a big speech that will change the world, "My name is Georgia déColleté, my father is Jacques déColleté, a politician in the Assembly of France. My grandfather is a famous artist, Charles déColleté, which I won't be surprised if you don't know him."

We didn't.

"My mother, Maria Chirac-déColleté, is a famous dancer as well as a stage actress. So I'm in a family of well-known, so threaten me you threaten them, and they will not be very happy."

I turned around and looked at Alex, he gave me a look, and I returned the favor. We looked back up to the front be Georgia was going back to her seat. I sighed, 'I have a funny feeling this is going to be a long day…' I thought to myself.

"Howdy there James!"

I looked up to see Abigail leaning over to my desk I just a stared at her and thought to myself, 'She remembers me! Oh god, oh god, oh god…'

"No, I'm sorry, I'm Tyler." I told her.

Yes my name is James, but I go by Tyler. When I was going out with Christy, a many-a-time, she would always call me Tyler, told me she liked that name better then 'plain old James'.

So since then I always went by Tyler, and I grew to like it. But Abigail of course left before I went by my 'new' name, so she of course didn't know. I usually get mad if someone calls me James. Grew to not like it that much, you see.

"No, your name is James." She stated. I didn't know she was so…I can't even think of the right word!

"But I go by Tyler now, Abigail, not James." I persisted.

She said, "Nope your name is still James to me that's how I meet you, and that's how it's gonna stay."

And with that, she won her first battle between me and her.

Tyler/James: 0, Abigail: 1

I best get used to those scores; I'm going to see a lot of them.

But the rest of the class period was just nothing but talking, Dump didn't return to the front of the class preaching to us about Biology and such. I turned and talked to Alex like the rest of the class was doing. We did are best not to get to loud, we didn't want to ruin this moment.

"Is it me or is this class just got actually interesting?" my dear red-had friend just asked me.

"Who knows, but with them two, it will become very interesting. Maybe Dump won't be able to teach anymore and we can finally just have a nice vacation from Science." I said with hope.

"Yes and my great-grandmother will give 100,000 pounds a day for the rest of the year." Alex stated.

"Can I have half?" I asked with a smile.

I felt a tapping feeling on my back I turned around to see Abigail looking at me. "So, so, so, so, so, why do you go by Tyler?" She looked extremely cute asking that question. "Because James is a better name then Tyler."

"You're the first person that actually thinks that," Alex told her. "A lot of people prefer to call him Tyler, so you might as well join the program."

"What makes you think I'm gonna be like everyone else and join this "program"? Do I like I'm gonna a normal human being?" Abigail asked us eyeing Alex harshly.

"I like being abnormal, being normal sounds super boring not to mention totally unoriginal. So to be original, I'm going to call you James, James." She smiled at me; a lovely smile that makes my heart beat unusually fast.

And then the bell rung, signaling us to go to our next class, and signaling me my life has changed from this bell on.

"Come on Jameser! I think we have a class together!" Abigail waved at me, telling me to come with her.

Yes my life has changed, especially my name…