It's only a few beers,

They won't hurt you.

When you refuse the answer is sneers,

But later they will wish they knew.

A few beers turn into more,

The fun turns to addiction.

The pleasant buzz turns to a roar,

We all know what is your affliction.

You drink a few,

And drink more still.

Till you don't know you are you,

And think all you want is a thrill.

The thrill could transform,

From fun to danger.

Your life could become a storm,

For those you know, you could become a stranger.

One drunken action,

Just one moment of fun.

Could have such a reaction,

And bring a life undone.

Someone you love could die,

And be gone forever.

This is not a lie,

No matter whatsoever.

So answer the same,

And just shake your head.

It doesn't matter if you're lame,

At least your life is not dead.

AN: Don't know if this is any good, but I means a lot to me. I recently lost my uncle in October to alcoholism. He was one of the best men I knew, and didn't deserve his fate.