Chapter One


We didn't have a chance to even see it coming, but when it hit, it hit us hard. Vampires - cruel walkers of the night, dead to everything except their own bloodlust and greed. They wanted to control that of the living; of what they hated most.

Not a week after my sixteenth birthday we heard the news everyone had been dreading; vampires were now running our world and we had no choice but to bow down or risk death. However, there was a much worse punishment in our eyes - to be turned into that of which we feared.

If you were lucky enough, humans stayed high up in this new higher society. They stayed well and respected, but also hated from behind. My father was one of these few lucky humans and I was his lucky daughter.

My father's lucky charm, as I used to be known.

Humans stooped as low as to sell their own kin, their own flesh and blood, to save their own skins. My best friend was a sacrifice of how low our society had fallen. Her own mother sold her and I never saw her again.

I had been furious. What right did these creatures have? This would sound childish, but in my mind it was a perfectly reasonable explanation; we were here first!

My father told me this was fair. People who worked hard, had lots of money and respect before the dominance of vampires survived, and the people who were less fortunate were sold as slaves for profits, cleaners, food… pets.

I had seen the way some of these slavery dealers worked; vampires would come into an abandoned warehouse and look over all the children that were there. They were always children or teenagers. It was sick and wrong. They would look them over, just like you would look a puppy over in a pet store, and choose whoever looked the healthiest or who would seem to live longer before they would be forced to change them or perhaps just kill them as some sort of sport.

Humans were treated like items, or animals if you will. Once a vampire got bored with a human they would either kill them or hand them back to a slavery dealer, and if they weren't chosen again or were now too old they would be killed. They would be shot for sport, hung for entertainment or even sent into a cage where rouge vampires would feast. It made me sick to my stomach just thinking about it.

I wondered why I wasn't served to this kind of judgment - some days I wished I would, just so my hands would be clean.

I got my wish.

My father had died, just settled down one day and died during one of his afternoon naps. The doctor, vampire of course, had said the cause was from heart failure. I felt like shouting, "What would you know about a heart, Doctor? You certainly haven't had one for a while!" but kept my mouth shut.

Four days after, my father was laid to rest in a cemetery designed only for respected humans and the ashes of lost vampires. I personally didn't want my father's corpse in the same vicinity as those creatures.

A week after my father's death, I was given a tag like all the other 'parent-less' humans. It had a number on it with your birth-date and rank. Unlike all the other children like me, I was set up with a home right off the bat. I was petrified.

"A lot of buyers were interested in you, girl," the driver explained, fixing his revision mirror so his cold grey eyes could see me.

He smiled, showing off his sharp canines. "They've been watching you for some time. Seems your father knew that he was on borrowed time, but don't worry, we set you up with a good home."

The way he said that made me feel queasy. I turned my head away not wanting to listen anymore. He should be more worried about himself, rather then taunting me.

He chuckled; something of an amused laughed that sounded as though he were coughing. We started to pull up a long driveway, the dirt road breaking me from my deep trance. I glanced up ahead for a moment.

I had to admit, I was impressed. A large castle like home lay in my wake made of stone with forest surrounding its every direction. The cloudy skies made this place seem almost fairytale-like.

I laughed bitterly at that last thought. Long ago I believed in fairy-tales, in faeries and good warlocks, princes and princesses. Vampires were merely a tale to scare little children.

How wrong I was.

I can't even remember when I last smiled. It seems like years ago now. My friends were gone, and my only living relative was dead. What now? Lying down and waiting for some sort of lightning to hit me sounded extremely pleasant.

The driver suddenly got out of the car. I suppose he wasn't much of a driver as he was my chaperon. He pulled my rather small suitcase from the boot of the car before I even had my heel out the door and started up to the porch without me. I had no choice but to run after him. I stumbled through the mud; my heel's getting stuck in the wet dirt. He glared at me and rang the doorbell. I happily glared at his backside, ignoring the opening door in front of us.

I looked up and noticed a very tall girl stood in front of us; she had a maid's outfit on, knee high plaid skirt, white apron and a crème colored button up vest. She had long velvety auburn hair and hollow big blue eyes. She was very pretty, but seemed morbid and sad. I felt sorry for her to have to be another one of those vampires' merchandises.

She smiled, forced I noticed, and gestured us to come in. She looked me over once with confused sense lighting up in those big eyes of hers.

Did she think I was a maid to? Perhaps she thought I was a new slave? I shook my head; I had to get rid of those horrible thoughts right now! That wouldn't happen to me, it couldn't happen to me…

Could it?

I was in a daze when I heard the stout vampire in front of me shout some words of hurry, ushering me to follow quickly. I quickened my steps as he led me to an old office room.

I immediately noticed a dark brown marble desk, dark blue walls and shelves of books along said dark blue walls. Yet again I was impressed with what I saw around me. The entryway I noticed was rather large also, but very dull and plain looking compared to this room.

I heard a cough from the doorway and spun around, almost knocking myself over. Leaning on the oak doorframe was the handsomest male specimen I had ever laid my blue eyes on. I suppose I stared a little to long because he smirked, a smirk that showed dimples with the slightest twitch of his mouth. He had deep green eyes that seemed clouded with secrets and years of wisdom, yet he only looked about 20 or so.

He ran a hand through his brown hair, letting strands fall over his face in a lazy fashion.

"So, you're the allusive young lady, Charm Kensington?" he asked, no longer a smirk on his face, but a half smile. I nodded, afraid to say much of anything.

"Yes, product number 230591, rank one, just as you paid for," the stout bolding man mumbled. He checked his watch and looked back up at the younger looking man. "Sorry, my lord, I have to go get another human, but trust me this one shouldn't be much trouble," he remarked.

The young man nodded his approval and moved away from the door. He walked over to his desk and, sitting in his large chair, waved the little vampire off lazily. The stout vampire eagerly left, leaving me with this complete stranger - not that he was any more wanted company, mind you.

"Mr. Grad?"

The plump vampire stopped in the doorway, wincing slightly at the calm tone of his lord.


"If she is any trouble," green eyes swept over my way before his gaze reverted back onto the goblin looking man, "Its your job on the line."

With a curt nod, Mr. Grad left hastily, muttering soft curses as he made his way through the hall. I suspected the younger man heard him, but didn't pay any mind. How noble.

My eyes suddenly widened as I realized something Mr. Grad had said moments earlier.

"Yes, product number 230591, rank one, just as you paid for."

My mouth was opening and closing in a spluttering mess before I could form a coherent sentence. "You paid for me? But, I thought…"

He glanced up at me for a moment before going back to doing what he was doing before. "In time your questions will be answered. You really didn't think I was family, did you? That I take in homeless orphans?" he chuckled lightly, the mere thought seeming to amuse him.

"No," I answered meekly, taken back with his sudden careless demeanor.

"Charm, now would be as good a time as any to explain to you the common rules of etiquette in my home," he said with a scowl, seemingly annoyed he would have to take the time to explain such things to a human. "You will always address me as sir in my home, but when in social conduct you will address me as your lord. Such disregards of these rules and any other's you will be informed of by Meredith will end not in severe punishment, but it will in no means be comfortable. Is that understood?"

"May I ask a question?" I asked. He frowned and I quickly corrected myself. "Sir..." I squeaked out.

He smiled nastily and nodded.

"What's your name?"

He didn't hesitate to answer. "Erik, but you will not call me by my name, ever. Do you understand?" he asked. I nodded

"What?" he growled.

"Yes, Sir," I muttered. He seemed pleased.

It took all my will power not to break into tears. "Sir, why am I here?" I asked.

He smiled, a smile that seemed to be directed towards a silly child, asking why they couldn't play with fire.

"You are my slave of course. My new employee, if you will," was his answer, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. He leaned back in his chair, completely oblivious that my world had just cracked, making the sound of a breaking mirror.

Everything I once knew was no more. This was my life and I sooner die then to live as some demons'… pet!

I growled low in my throat. Erik seemed to notice this and frowned. He would not get my obedience, even if he ended up killing me because of it.

No, I wouldn't give them that satisfaction of watching another human fall.

I swore to myself as I walked towards the open door that I would rise above these monsters and take back my friends and family's dignity. I'd bring back morality and freedom to this world, just you watch my lord.

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