Chapter Two


The midday sun sneaked in through the cracks of the boarded up windows. Groans could be heard throughout the small room, feminine whines of protest from the unwanted light. The sun could be irritating when serving under a vampire only at night. It was rare that any of Erik's concubines and housekeepers got to sleep during the night, so that only left the daylight hours while their master was resting and hiding away from the unwanted gleams of the summer sun.

Rolling onto her side, which led her somewhat, blurred vision onto two other young girls; Charm moved her hand out towards the little bits of sun that entered the room. The red headed girl that had greeted Charm and Mr. Grad at the front door three days earlier had her knee's to her chin in the cot opposite, her heavy sighs and muffled sob's entering rapidly into Charm's head.

Charlotte; that was her name, she had seemed so depressed, so desperate to escape the confines of this place that she was known to try and break free whenever she saw an opening. An opening had shown itself the day before, an open door leading out into the front garden and through the many branches of the forest that lay in its wake.

Charlotte had gotten as far as the front garden before Erik had caught hold of her and dragged her back by her beautiful hair. Of course punishment was in order and he made all of his employee's watch as he made his authority known. Several times…

Meredith, a sort of concubine who was a favorite of Erik's, had frowned and informed Charm that Charlotte was a troublemaker through and through. Charm couldn't see why it was so bad to want to be free, free from darkness and slavery. It was human nature.

"It's a joke, we don't own this world anymore, its time the little twit realizes it before she get's herself killed," she had raged, a sort of protective tone taking hold of Meredith before she straightened her posture and formally nodded, trying to ignore her obvious mistake of showing any mean's of worry for the younger girl.

It was odd how the world was once a functioning community of technology, morality and freedom. Now it was as though it had taken a step back in time where Dukes and Duchesses were now ruling once again. Celebrities were no more, Justin Timberlake wasn't an icon amongst these sorts of people and Charm had even failed to find a phone amongst the vast estate. What had happened over the past three year's to make it so… different?

"What's your story?"

Charm turned her head, her tired and weary dark blue eyes sizing up the new figure. She seemed small in size, smaller then Charm, petite with big almond shaped dark eyes and light brown hair. Charm hesitated in answering, not that she had anything to hide, she just wasn't used to this much socialization.

"My dad died, so I was sent here, no story to tell really. You?" she asked. The girl's eyes widened slightly, setting her small frame onto the end of Charm's cot. Charm barley felt her weight there.

"So it is true. You were sent here? Tough break girly." She sort of had an accent. Maybe she was from California, Charm thought.

She suddenly smirked wide, her dimples clearly showing. She was a very pretty girl Charm noticed, but then again a lot of the girl's in Erik's home were stunning appearance wide.

"My name's Taleah Casey. I was picked from a market in New Jersey, apparently my name had a nice ring to it and I looked like I could fit into small places." She rolled her eyes and laughed lightly.

"Charm Kensington," Charm added, blushing slightly at her rudeness of not telling the girl her name earlier.

"I know; I just wanted to know your story. You came here with Grad, right? He's such a pussy, I swear he has a crush on our Lord, that's why the fag always want's to escort Erik's new pet's personally," she muttered the last part and switched her gaze onto Charm once more.

Charm couldn't help but wonder if she was safe here. Most of the girls; Meredith, Charlotte and Taleah, had such sparking personalities, she was like the black sheep. Charm was shy most of the time, soft spoken and only ever thought in her anger, never once had she told anyone a mean thought about them, although she had a few mean words to say to Erik.

"Taleah, get away from Blondie, she's Erik's personal assistant," sneered Meredith, her cinnamon colored eyes narrowing in Charm's direction.

Charm frowned, shifting her gaze away from the Romanian beauty. Charm Kensington, that was her name, Charm wished Meredith would use it instead of referring to her as 'Blondie' or 'Erik's assistant'.

Sighing lightly, she moved from the cot and stretched out her tired limbs. Charm hadn't been here long, at least not long enough to fully understand the routine that Meredith had planned out. As soon as dawn approached the double locked doors were opened and everyone was aloud out to do their duties. Erik seemed to like parties Charm noticed, he had a formal get together at least twice a week with so many different people, it left Charm in awe at how many friends he had.

The sound of the metal door's being opened made Charm's dark blue eyes swoop over in the noises direction. Meredith sat upright, her eyes narrowed and waiting eagerly to be let free. Taleah and Charlotte on the other hand, didn't look as pleased. The doors swung open, but no one was there, no one ever was.

Most of the girls hurried out, most probably not wanting to get in trouble for being late in preparations. As soon as Charm stepped out of the small closed in room someone was almost immediately latching onto her arm. Her brow's furrowed in confusion; a young man looked down at her from his six-foot stance. His skin was pale, a sharp canine poking out from the corner of his lip; his eyes were a pale blue and contrasted deeply with his dark hair.

He continued to stare; not at all fazed with Charm's uneasiness. "Erik wants to see you… Charm, is it?"

She nodded numbly, the circulation in her arm starting to be cut off. Noticing this, or maybe just by smelling the fear, the man hastily let go and nodded for her to follow him down the corridor. Charm followed, not really wanting to defy this new presence, but the scowl coming from Meredith behind her most defiantly didn't go unnoticed by Charm.


"I'm having a considerably large dinner tonight, most of the girl's will be entertaining, but you I have other plans for. You will be my special guest tonight. What do you think?"

Charm was confused at his proposal. What did Erik see in her that Meredith didn't have? She was a klutz, already she had broken three vases and a teapot in his home and he wanted her to be his sort of escort for all his supernatural guests to laugh at? Even though she didn't want to go, she doubted his proposal was a 'no' type of question.

"I… don't see a problem with that," she whispered, turning her head sharply to the side.

The man with the cool blue eyes snorted from the corner, his arms folded over his chest in a lazy stance. "Yes you do. Face it Erik, humans are as worthless as costume jewelry."

Erik's eyes narrowed, the man and Erik looked oddly alike. The only differences were in Erik; he seemed older, much sterner then the other man. The younger looked cocky and arrogant, like one of those rebellious teen's she seen walking through the school hallways.

She missed school.

"This is my little brother, Louis Drake," Erik explained, looking none to happy.

"Drake," the younger brother corrected.

Erik's mouth twitched, but Charm didn't see any canines. However, Drake made it clear he liked to show his off. Cocking his head to the side, Erik eyed Drake annoyingly. "My apologies Drake," Erik grinded out displeasingly.

Drake grinned, "You're forgiven," and switched his gaze onto the shy blond seated before Erik. Taking a clawed hand, Drake chuckled, running his claws along her chin and outer jaw. "See you tonight, love."

Erik dismissed Charm and she left as hastily as she had entered.

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