Gasping for a single breath,
A moment's laugh,
The most succinct of touches –
(The kind that seem to last forever.)

Be it mile or light year,
They have gathered in the thousands,
Congregated between us and
Blocked off the airway.
(It's just a stroke,
Nothing to worry about when it arrives every
Morning that we wake up alone.)

(Pretending that alone is the word when
Truly it is "apart,"
For be it his or her arms –

Embodiments of ambiguity –
They would still remain empty
Despite the solidarity of my form,
Void of passion as the
Embrace Blasphemes Love.)

Stretch these legs

And kiss the distance with my heels,
(They've always said that exercise was the
Best prevention of heart attack.)

Touch down on your heart and
Tattoo my lips upon it,
Beating the rhythm that my own has for you
Since before the era of acceptance.

Serenade you with the sweetest of words,
The most delicate of notes,
Brushing my lips past yours and
Allowing you to
Taste the love in my every breath.

For it always comes back to breathing
(Whether it be gasping, ragged, deep or peaceful,)

Longing achingly for the next inhale,
Begging to taste the air.

And whether it taste of dandelions of strawberries,
There will be no vulgarity,
For the passion is pure, the fidelity true, and
The love, eternal.