Softly surrender to the silence
That masks these moments as they pass.
(Though they never seemed awkward.)

Transfer these thoughts in mere breaths,
Hold these touches close to your lips
(Or your heart)

And pretend that you don't hear the desperation in this tone.

Maybe on time these fingers will thread through the
Tendrils that are your hair
Instead of clutching hopelessly at empty bed sheets,
Or this tongue will taste the rain on your lips
Rather than running over these parched own.

Maybe these words will be lost in time,
Desperately clinging to your tears and
Soaking them up,
Leaving you clean and
Ready to face the world.

Maybe these arms will wrap around your form,
Hold you close, keep you warm and
Create a barrier against your greatest fears.

Maybe your laugh will light the day and
These eyes will finally witness the beauty.

(Like they've been yearning to all along.)