The city was enveloped under a black canvas,

Littered with tiny diamonds, it was

Such a beautiful night, crisp and cool

And the perfect shade of darkness.

He was flying above me, somewhere over

The cold sand where I lay,

I had to question what I was seeing, bright and glowing,

He took my breath away.

When I called out, he descended, and gazed

Intensely, like he was looking at my soul,

I felt as if I were transparent, I was speechless for some moments,

My mouth was a gaping hole.

His beauty was unearthly,

Like an archangel he stood

I was forgetting to breath until he spoke, "Follow me now," he said

And his long fingers entwined around my own drove out the question of if I should.

I'd never tasted clouds before, until that very night

When he held me tightly and took me soaring

Sitting atop a star, he showed me the things that most did not see,

I was scared but his voice in my head was so reassuring.

He showed me where the vampires dwelt, and the lions den

The cry of a child lost in the night, a rose dying in the soil,

"This is beauty," he professed, "These are things at there best,"

And he turned to me with a fanged smile, and despite all of his beauty, it still made me recoil

And I didn't understand his outlook, the way he viewed life,

"How can it be beautiful to watch things die?"

He told me, "Beauty is scarce thing, the truest kind,

Real beauty comes from pain; there is beauty in a lie."

"The stars may be splendid, the daffodils pretty

But what happens when they wilt or burn out?

Why would we grieve for something there all the time?

We grieve when we are without."

"Grief and tragedy enable us to feel,

And they are essential part of life.

Not many understand this fully, but it's true

What is eventually beautiful can cause you strife."

"After all pain comes the healing

Regardless of where or when it starts,

Beauty comes form within, be it a rock or a rose

So pain in itself, is the rawest form of art."

As he explained these thing to me, I saw this all

In his black eyes, the pain was evident

In his voice as her spoke and maybe that was why he was so beautiful

And the more I thought, the more I believed his statements.

And then suddenly, it exploded in my brain

He was not just an angel in my midst,

But a Child of Darkness, and even though I knew I should be afraid

I merely wanted to hold him closer to my lips.

Now the night was unforgiving,

though had been so perfect before,

This Dark Angel was breaking slowly, ever so subtly

As he learned more and more.

And before I could make a move toward him,

His raven wings were spread out wide

I could barely see him anymore, and the night came back around me

As his ever glowing frame faded into the sky.