I'm not quite sure what inspired this poem, but it's about the day in the life of a soldier and is probably...no where near correct, but its what came to mind. It's something I know not much about, my imagination took over

A Soldiers Poem

The days are long, the nights short

The sound of gunfire brings the morn'.

Roll out of bed, and on your feet,

And hope today death shall you not meet.

Hoist up your gun, over your strong shoulder,

Hope pray and dream it shall all soon be over.

Streak your face with dark black lines,

Roll out, find yourself crouched among the vines.

With careful eyes, you watch all around,

Keeping your body pressed low to the ground.

Crawl on your belly through the brush,

Go slow now, there is no need to rush.

Lick your lips and taste the wind,

Cross your heart and raise your chin,

Say a last prayer to your God above,

Send out thoughts to all those you love…

Now up on your feet at the Colonels sign,

Raise your gun and look all around.

Ears are perched on alert, twisting at the slightest sound.

The minutes drag by, not a sound but your feet,

Poised and ready for safety to leap.

A crunch and a rustle makes you swing your head.

You see him first, and bring your barrel round,

Yelling out loud "Hit the ground!"

One, two, three trigger pulls do you take,

And hope to God the target they make.

You hear a yelp and a thud near by,

And just as you're ready for victory to cry,

You feel a sharp pain enter your shoulder,

Your vision blacks out…is your life over?

From all around you, you hear many a sound,

But you cannot register any as you hit the ground.

All you know is that it was worth while,

A hero today, if you die, it was is style.

Thinking of family and left behind friends,

You're hoping, just hoping, this war soon will end.