Only two hours and a half, no scratch that, only one and a half hours until dawn. The woods were cackling as nocturnal creatures bristled in the background. Frost clung onto the ground like a second skin while two female companions approached the edge of the forest, one nervous and the other anxious.

"Nikki! Why are we seeking help from mutts? They'll kill me! You're a pixie! You're supposed to be smart! You know that mutts and bloodsuckers go together like cats and water! And SLOW DOWN!" A young vampiress whined to her companion just as a blue moon unveiled from a cloak of dark clouds.

"Relax, the alpha is an old family friend, just trust me okay? Besides, we're running out of time… Look, I'm going to weave a sensory blanket around us so if any rouge werewolves find a vampire in their territory, they can't hurt you okay?" The pixie glided to a halt and waited patiently as her young friend zipped haphazardly through the air, panting harshly.

The blonde vampiress Lara sighed, nodding in defeat. Only forty seven years old, Lara was but an infant compared against the rest of her race. Not only was she born a vampire, she was born blonde. Humans weren't far off from their stereotypical image of alabaster pale, porcelain perfect gorgeous visions of vampires, but what they didn't know was, vampires, like all living species, have DNA that mutate every few centuries and it just so happens that our poor blonde vampiress was born with extremely recessive genes, a deathly fear of clowns (which would've been funny if it wasn't so serious) and –

"Did you hear that?" Lara squeaked in alarm, immediately reprimanded by her best friend for making a noise.

"Everyone will hear you if you keep being so clumsy, sheesh, where's your natural born grace fang-tooth?"

"Shut it Tinkerbelle." Lara sulked, trailing after her only friend, glancing over her shoulder every few seconds in paranoia.

Princess Nikita, fourth princess of the Soul Pixies smiled softly. Her delicate little wings fluttered alongside the vampiress that was currently gliding semi-smoothly until seconds later, a loud 'OOMPH" followed by a loud THUD then an "OW, DAMN IT!"

"You don't even deserve to be a vampire," Nikita teased her friend. Normally a death glare from burning red eyes and a growl would be expected but the snarling alpha werewolf patrolling was anything but amused to find a vampiress trespassing in his territory.

"Nikita, you promised!" The young vampiress squealed. Nikita hastily drew attention to herself, slightly worried around the vice like grip her long-time friend had on her best friend,

"Uh… Let's begin the introductions shall we? Lucas, meet my best friend Lara – PUT HER DOWN ALREADY – Lara, stop acting like a baby –"


"– Luke, we need your help –"



Somewhere in the distance, an owl hooted. The tension in the atmosphere climbed to new dizzying heights until Lara, unnerved by the lack of movement, squirmed. Instantly, rough hands crushed around her slender neck and pressed her spine painfully against a tree trunk.

Nikita stared at her long time friend, taking in his scrawny teenage awkwardness into the sudden transformation into a real man in astonishment. Whatever innocence in Lucas was gone, she was sad to note. Gawking, she failed to see her friend trying to murder her best friend until a furious –

"You said he wasn't going to kill me," Lara hissed, instinct taking over her normally sweet childlike nature.

Eyes flashed and claws extended as canines unsheathed in nanoseconds and hissed menacingly. Lara shadow morphed out of danger's grip and adrenaline started primping her body for a physical show down.

"Oh, for God's sake, you think that after a few, gee I don't know, thousand years they would learn to tolerate each other but noooo, stubborn vampires and werewolves," Nikita grumbled to herself before she swished her hand diagonally left twice in a circular loop and drew a 6 figure across the middle before stabbing it with her pinky.

Instantaneously Lucas and Lara froze, paralyzed except for their vocal cords.

"Nikki…" An ominous growl rumbled from the werewolf while Lara scowled darkly and telepathed, 'I can't believe you did that to me!'

"Children," the twenty seven millennia old royal fae fluttered delicately into the air," if you don't behave, I will interfere. You guys both know how I feel about violence. And Lucas, try to be nice, I know your kind doesn't get along with Lara's but she's only a baby and her life is in danger."

"And I care why?" The werewolf raised an arrogant eyebrow. Hatred pouring from his body, emitting violent waves of pent up tension.

If only he could just move one inch towards the left he could rip the pretty little leech's throat out…

"NO, NO HOMICIDAL THOUGHTS!" Nikita yelled at the haughty werewolf when a low growl echoed through the air. He had enough. Before Nikita watched in astonishment as Lucas broke out of her spell enchantment and stalked over angrily, fangs barred threateningly.

"I'm not the little puppy your trained anymore Nick, your magic isn't strong enough to control me anymore. Now tell me why the hell you bought that thing into my territory and it better be good." Toned biceps bulged as his arms crossed across his chest, a haughtily sneer visible from miles away. Opening her mouth to reply, Nikita licked her lips from reflex but Lara beat her to it.

"Will you unfreeze me already? TINKERBELLE. OI. I'm talking to you!"

Amused by the sudden display of immaturity, Lucas glanced at Lara and titled his head sideways subtly, inquiring her age.

"In dog years, she won't even be fifteen years old yet," Nikita laughed at the astonished widening of the werewolf's eyes before his pupils dilated and his calm demeanor returned.

"I don't do charity Nick," he somberly told her," Even if it is your best friend." He said it like one would talk about child molesters.

Nikita gazed at him reprovingly, as if she was ashamed of him and Lucas felt like a child scolded for drawing on the walls and blaming it on his brother.

"Lucas, sunrise is less than half an hour away, please let us stay, even if just for today," Nikita pleaded quietly but Lucas's gaze over Lara's uneasy figure was merciless.

"Then you better start running, time's ticking…" He said before he disappeared into the foliage.

I've never written fantasy/supernatural genres before, but I adore those stories and I always wanted a pixie/vampire, vampire/werewolf and a angel/werewolf pairing and... I couldn't find any decent werewolf/vampire stories (the only two I liked were discontinued) so I decided to let my imagination go wild.

Please note that althought I'll probably follow general 'facts' known about werewolves and vampires, I might alter and change or adapt them to suit my story. I'm not a huge fan of vampire stories or whatever but lately, I've been dying to write one of the above mentioned pairings for a story.

Note that even though this story is mostly humor/romance, I'm going to add action/adventure, drama and supernatural (is obviously included) themes to the story.

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