I've been neglecting this story for ages, but this is my break, my escape from serious writing. This is just pure nonsense that comes out of my hand, unadulterated thinking as words just come as I type away. This is going to be a fun story, a way for me to just laugh and take things easy. I figure that, criticism or not, this shall be the product of my pure enjoyment for writing, nothing else. No need to impress, please, intrigue, just, let go.

"I'm going to die," Lara moaned dramatically. Or so Nikita thought. For Lara, it was no laughing matter. The sun wasn't deadly, but given time, it could kill. Like a human exposed to extreme temperatures, it wasn't a pleasant situation to be in. And since she was so young for a vampiress, her chances of survival looked even bleaker.

"Calm down you big baby," came the oh so soothing reply from her supposed best friend, "Lucas is an ass, but he won't have your death hanging over his conscious."

"Are you insane? Did you see the way he looked at me? I don't want to die!" Nikita might be confident, but Lara was almost ready to cry. And vampires never cried. For one, it evoked the instinct to hunt and feed, for, they bled tears and when emotionally distressed to a traumatic point, blood which triggers off their sensors. Funny how vampires enjoyed blood but disliked their own. It was like a case of hating one's handwriting or such.

As Lara grew more ominously quiet, expecting a miracle for she was not ready to give up, she grappled desperately with self-control not to lose it. If she was going to die, she might as well as face it boldly.

Yeah right, easier said than done.

A bone chilling hour and twenty eight minutes elapsed since the duo's encounter with the werewolf and eventually Lara's overwrought nerves weren't holding up well to the fact that the approaching dawn would sear her into a million blistering boils. Birds, millions, different colours, shapes and sizes, started twittering, gradually getting louder, more chaotic and frantic, didn't help the tension in the atmosphere.

"The birds are up," Lara whimpered. Birds were diurnal. That meant the sun was almost…

"Please," Lara moaned, "Can we dig a hole in the ground? If we start now, maybe we can get deep enough and the sunlight won't penetrate through thick dirt."

"A prowler from Luca's pack will dig you up and snap you in half," Nikki's reply came, amused.

"You're horrible! You sound so happy about my impending doom!"

"Shh, Lucas should be back any moment now –"


As the two sought to find shelter in the growing dense bushes of the forest, a loud growl rippled menacingly from the shadows.

"Wolf," was all Nikki managed to say before a flurry of moments blurred and she found herself flying ten feet off the ground. Due to her delicate frame, she almost snapped upon hitting the ground. Pixie magic automatically ran up and down her body in bright blue sparks, repairing soon-to-be bruises and healing fractures in her bone structure. Lara was not so lucky. Pinned beneath a savage glare, by a long, heavy and furry body, Lara's heart almost burst from her chest in frantic beating. She couldn't breathe, she couldn't even think. Emotions overwhelmed her system. Shock and fear paralyzed her. She was too young to deal with physical confrontations. She was a mere babe in the woods, it was like instructing a toddler to go up against a champion kick-boxer. Jaws of death hovered over her throat, as instinct caused her nails to turn into hooks and dig sharply into the pelt holding her prisoner. It wasn't effective.

Another growl erupted from the bushes, this time, more savage and rippling with undertones of unleashed anger.

Before Nikki could gather the strength to lift her head up to see what was going on, and before Lara's fight or flight response kicked in, even if the struggle would've been fruitless till the end, a monstrously pristine white wolf had tackled a seemingly smaller tawny one and within seconds, ripped its throat out.

Lara trembled so violently, she bit her tongue and tasted blood. How cruel fate is, to have her dangling in the jaws of death, only to be saved by another sick puppy intent to claim her for its own sadistic pleasure.

"I knew you wouldn't let me down," the pixie princess croaked as she got up gingerly.

"Don't be stupid, he encroached on my territory and hurt you. As far as the bloodsucker is concerned, it's about time she tried tanning."

Lara panicked completely, upon hearing those words. Each vampire had a unique ability in addition to their normal tricks, and this particular vampire's was reverse empathy. As her panic and utter terror vibrated like invisible shockwaves outwards from where she laid, the werewolf's gleaming eyes narrowed and transformed. Gloriously nude, he stood up and walked towards the creature he loathed, who happened to be so caught up in hysterics, she didn't even flinch at the sight of his fully matured adult naked body, which was quite impressive compared even the most toned and athletic human sportsman, but of course, lycans commonly had lean, lithe bodies. Unless one overindulged in game meat and slacked on patrolling, they were hardly a race to gain port bellies and double chins.

"Nice trick she's got there," Lucas jerked his head towards the convulsing teen, "I didn't know unawakened vamps could feel emotions, she's not a pureblood is she?"

"She's too young to be awakened, and her background is a bit complicated, but would you please get off your high horse and make sure she's safe before I regain enough power to decorate your entire lair pink!"


"Fluorescent pink!"

"You wouldn't."

"Sunrise in 6 minutes jackass," Lucas's eyes widened. Nikita never cursed unless she was pissed.

"Get over your pride, get over your stupid hatred, she wasn't the one responsible to the war that your species initiated against hers, she's a child, and the only blood she's ever consumed were expired blood past their due date at blood banks!"

Lucas, a stone cold heartless beast with no compassion he dared to show, for his life was unimaginably hard growing up, gazed at the vampire gasping for air as she laid a few feet away, blood streaming down her cheeks. He started. In all his decades, he had never witnessed a vampire cry. Even under torture, vampires laughed and taunted. This one wasn't only weird, she was pathetic. He'd never stop getting shit from his three Betas if he rescued a baby vampire. Good Heavens…

A bloodcurdling cry pierced through his thoughts.


The sun was up.

Undecided, torn between duty and honour, he stared, helpless for the first time in his life, almost tasting regret on his tongue.

Eyes of steel bored holes into his back, Nikita's of course, even without his sixth sense telling him.

'The choice is yours to make big boy, save an innocent life or judge a book by its cover. I'll never forgive you if you let her die.'

Shit. More pressure. Just great. But he wasn't about to throw away all his beliefs in a moment for any damned vampire, even at the cost of risking to lose an important friendship.

Another scream wretched from the vocals of Lara, as faint UV rays filtered through the misty, cold morning air and scorched her milky skin.

It was now or never. Yet he had no idea what decision he was going to make. Some Alpha he was proving to be.

"I…I'm n-n-not-t g-o-ing t-t-to be a threat to ANYBODY! P-p-please help me, IT HURTS."

Nikita suddenly hurtled through the air, heaving labouring breaths, as she sought to shield her friend's body with her petite frame.

As the rays of sunlight picked up intensity, and agony spiralled dangerously out of control for Lara, she fainted, tasting bile a split moment before pitch darkness, unable to stand the torture.

A second later, Nikita compelled the werewolf with the waning shreds of her energy and bit on the ankle, hard. With a muffled roar, the man fell on top the unconscious and semiconscious individuals, crushing them but more importantly, soaking up the sun like a big cloak.

'Don't you dare get up,' the pixie told him sadly via telepathy.

'You'll waste more energy healing –"

"– But Lara's not dying. Maybe you don't understand what it's like to have a true friend but for the sake of morality, pureness of true love that you don't believe in, and deep inside you I know there's still an ounce of integrity you had when I first met you, keep her alive."

If you have suggestions, this is the one story I might entertain options. Otherwise, I'm a perfectionist freak with a vivid imagination.