Broken feathers, broken hearts,

don't know which way to turn.
Just want to turn around and scream

for you to leave me the hell alone.

Sick of being lonely, sick of being lost,

sick of having God forced on my head.

Don't want to go to services,

rather stay how and write a book.

Can't you just leave me alone?

So I can be lost in myself.

Just want to throw that silly book

into the murky waters of fate.

It's telling me to praise him,

but I just don't believe in any of it.

Gosh, how I want to swing my leg

of the saddle of a wild horse,

and just gallop away from everything,

away to a meadow where no one tells me

what to think, or what to believe.


Read over my tainted words

as they fall down the computer screen.

Wonder if anyone will care at all

or if they'll give another lecture

about how they can't believe

that I don't believe.

Don't bother, I'll just ignore,

I'll just turn away again.

My heart is set for good,

and you can't change

the melody of words that flow

in my heart.


Fall to the grounds with tears in my eyes,

wish that everyone would just leave me alone.

The painful thoughts that fill my head,

they blind me and I just want to disappear.

Just stop pressuring me with stupid ideas

because I won't believe, wasn't blessed

(or cursed) with that ability. So just

stop telling me what to believe,

because I don't, and never will.