I can remember the soft sound

Of black Converse tapping across

A kitchen linoleum floor like

Rain brushing against my roof

A sad melody that clings to my soul

Eternally drumming into my heart

My eyes were dancing with emotions

I didn't really understand the

Falling feeling in my stomach watching

Your figure fade like my unlovely

Ink stain tattoos I wrote for you

Somehow I can't remember how I could

Throw my ice hands into the puzzle slots

Of the spaces in between your fingers as if they

Almost fit perfectly like we had once

Been connected as one person and cut

Into two

So very different and yet still the same

Two lives disjointed and parallel

Hiding behind our own masks

Creating our own lies to make those

Around us believe we are more

Or less than what we really need to be

Now I'm almost breathing right again

Though my lungs are eternally scarred

And my heart can almost beat again

But it's never really going to be the same

You dug deep into my world making

Me question everything I ever thought I was

Because ever since that night, that beloved morning

Stars mixed with sunshine breezes

With intoxicating words flowing from

That tongue twisted in darling lies

I wondered who I really was because I couldn't

Seem to remember after being so many people

To everyone I knew and then you

Reaching inside my boundaries pulling

At the strings I hold so close to myself

You rearranged my feelings into a

Chaotic stream of emotions flowing down

The dark walls flooding into pools of

Bright colors like those shining from

Your eyes still gleaming for me just with

A blank and empty stare as if your soul

Was the one stolen instead of mine

I know I'm at fault but you never were innocent

You never claimed to be

And I still blame you for making me feel so

Unworthy of what I should be able to have

Slipping your hand up my back and your

Tongue in between my lips you crossed the

Threshold of beauty and into the desert of


I tried to grasp at something never there

But you put the picture in front of my face

Daring me to take bait and bite into

A luscious fruit that tastes so sweet until I'm

Out of the garden and into the faded world

Colors turn to less than black and more than

White an unbeautiful gray I never knew

Could exist

Now I feel far less than worthless

And I'm not sure if I will be able to take

The real thing of love someday

When you've made it nothing but

A hollow word