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Enjoy this random crap!fic. :3

Protecting My Princess

- - -

I have always protected Zacky, all through elementary school and even now in our senior year of high school. I've known him since we were babies, and my mom swears to me that the first word that came out of my mouth was, "Zack" followed by "fuck", then finally "mommy" and "daddy".

Back to the issue, though, Zacky has serious bully problems. Of course he's a perfect target, though. Short, small, weak, wears makeup and tight jeans. He doesn't exactly help himself out too much, as you can see. Not only do the big "tough" (I've put a couple of 'em in the hospital for messing with Zack) guys of our school pick on him, though, but the sissy assed preppy boys and their whorish girlfriends too.

I find it funny, really. How they only go after him when I'm not around… they should know I'd hunt their sorry Asses down. Yeah, admit to liking Zacky maybe a little bit more than I should… he's perfect though. I have my reasons.

See, though I beat the shit out of his bullies, he's always there for me too. After the nasty break-ups and when I get into fights with my dad that more likely then not end in violence, he'll hold me and whisper that everything will be all right in my ear.

In the last few days, though, I've realized that he's what I live for. Without him, I wouldn't go to school. I go to school to keep the bad kids away. Without him, my dad would have probably already beaten me six feet into the ground. If I didn't have his arms around me while I was hurting, I wouldn't be able to handle the pain. I need him a lot more than he needs me, I think.

"Bri?" As I look up from the magazine I browsing through on his bed, I can see he's rummaging through a little bag with a huge pout on his face. He's in front of his big mirror, so he could only be looking for one thing… make up. "Have you seen my eyeliner?" Knew it.

"Princess," I smirk, "it's right in front of you, on the desk." I idly run a hand through my thick, dark hair. He giggles softly and reaches out to grab it, of course I watch with interest as he begins to apply the charcoal substance under his jade eyes.

"I love when you call me Princess, Bri. It's cute." I close the magazine and turn over on my back, staring up at the ceiling now. There are a few moments of a fairly comfortable silence before he speaks up again. "Can I put eyeliner on you, Brian?"

"Huh? No way!" I turned my gaze over to him and frowned as a pout pulled at his full lips. His eyes were wide and innocent and – "Fine…" I grumbled. I hated how he could do that to me. Within a second he stood up straddled my waist, leaning forward over me with one hand beside my head to keep balance and in the other he held the eyeliner. I nearly groaned. "Hurry up."

He rolled those beautiful jade eyes began applying the dark makeup under my eyes. When he finished with both eyes I blink a few times, my eyes feeling itchy and irritated. I already hate it. "Sexy." He grins, leaning back but not getting completely off of me. He carelessly flings the makeup across the room.

"You know it." I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms behind my head, eyes never leaving his. Suddenly, staring up at him, I feel smaller then I ever have before in my life. He's so much better than me, he's perfect, yet people pick on him while I'm left to protect. I don't know why anyone would want to hurt someone like him, I really don't.

"You're hiding something from me, because you're scared I won't be able to handle it." He states, matter-of-factly. It's almost scary how right he is with that one. "You know, Bri, you don't always have to protect me from everything."

"You don't like me protecting you?" I raised a brow.

"No, I love it. I love knowing that you're there for me even though no one else isn't and I love how you cuddle me after kicking the shit out of those mean kids." He pouted again and I couldn't help but smile. "But really, you don't have to protect me from everything."

"What if I say it and you don't want to see me anymore? Who would protect you then? See, I need to hide this from you." I nodded and a frown pulled at his lips.

"I don't see how telling me something would make me want to never see you again. You're amazing – and I can't honestly say I would die without you. NO, not just because Kevin Hardesty would kick my ass into oblivion, 'cause I know that's what you're thinking!"

"In that case," I chuckled, "I should probably tell you, right?" He nodded his head. "Well then, Zacky-babe, I love you. Love, love, love, with all my heart, body, soul, and more." I grinned, and he placed his hands on my chest, leaning down and pressing a soft kiss to my pale, thin lips.

"You idiot, I already knew that." He murmured, once he pulled away. I smirked and rolled us over. I was on top of him and he had his legs wrapped tightly around my waist. "Brian!" He whined. I quickly hushed him by pressing another kiss to his petal-soft lips.

"Tell me you love me too," I whispered, breaking the kiss and placing several small ones down his jaw line. I quickly rid him of his black shirt, throwing it on the floor beside the bed without care.

"I love you too," he moaned as I trailed sloppy kisses down to his neck, sucking and nipping at a very sensitive spot. His moans were driving me wild and he knew it. After I made a very noticeable red mark I continued my adventure down to his nipple, nipping and sucking at that. What can I say? I have a nipple fetish.

He quickly pulled me up by my hair and pressed my lips hard against his. "Fuck, Zack…" I moaned into his mouth, gently rocking my hips into his.

"Call me Princess…"