Empty Words

I feel this insatiable need to write something
But I have nothing to say
So I just sit here
Clack-clack-clacking away on the keys
Writing endless lines of nothing
Empty words fill this empty page
And nothing good comes of this
Yet I just keep right on
And it makes me wonder if
Maybe everything is like this
What if every word I've ever penned or typed
Was empty?
What if every word I've ever read
Meant nothing more than
Letters strung together
Fancy syllables and symbols
I find it hard to believe that words are nothing
I find such hope and light in poetry
Hope and light?
I say that ever so often
Hope and light and angels' songs
These words that line the pages of my life
Do they mean nothing as well?
I need to believe they still hold life within them
I believe it whether it's true or not
And I will continue to write them
Empty or otherwise
Everything or nothing