Located in the heart of Washington DC was an office building of Glitech Corporation. Unlike its headquarters in Atlanta, most of this building actually served as an office, except for one small section where civilians weren't allowed to go. One of the rooms in this section was round, and had a video screen wrapped around the walls. Standing in the center of the room was a man. His attention was focused on the screen, which showed four very unusual people.

The group consisted of two males and two females, and each had an aura of power around them. The furthest away on the screen was a young woman, leaning against a wall. Next to her was a plant, which was twisting around her arm like a snake. A few feet away from her, closer on the screen, was a young man who was actually radiating with fire. Closest on the screen was the other male and female, standing side by side. The male had two black leather wings protruding from his shoulders and scales ruining across his arms, face and neck. His jaw was elongated and he had four sets of fangs poking out his mouth. The woman next to him looked normal, except for the very obvious shimmer of energy around her body.

The barest hint of a smile appeared on the Speaker's face as his dull eyes traveled over the four. They were some of his best henchmen. They had spent most of their career cleaning out heroes in Houston, Texas, and now that city didn't have a hero to spare. The Speaker was confident that they could handle the Bengal and whoever else had teamed up with the Patriot's former sidekick.

"I have a new job for you," Speaker announced. "Some heroes have moved into White Serpent's territory: the Bengal, Patriot's former sidekick." The Speaker's lips twisted into a sneer as he thought of his nemesis. "And some new boy who goes by 'Torque'. Not only has this caused considerable damage to White Serpent's organization, but she's lost control of Gregory as well."

"Kill them all?" the man with wings rasped.

"No, just the Bengal and Torque. I want you to find out if Gregory is still alive. White Serpent said she killed him, but I have learned over the past few years to never underestimate the Remnant. When you find him, bring him back to me."

The woman surrounded by energy nodded. "Consider it done," she stated before switching off the video.

"Yes," the Speaker muttered to himself, pleased with the way things were going. The Bengal would soon be out of the way, which was immensely pleasing to the Speaker. Even if she wasn't working with the Patriot anymore, she would always be associated with him. White Serpent would soon have Atlanta back under her thumb, which was essential to the Speaker's plans for America. And Gregory would soon be returned to him, which was even more essential than maintaining control over the capital of Georgia.

The screen flipped back on to show the evening news. His lip twitched when the screen filled was filled with the Patriot, giving a press conference. The DC hero was wearing a white uniform that had a thick red band around his upper arms and blue one around his chest, with the word 'PATRIOT' printed within the band in white. The outfit was ridiculously similar to the hero's namesake, the Patriot Missile. Covering his upper face was a blue mask. His hair was perfectly groomed and there wasn't a spot on dirt on his white uniform, even though he had supposedly just finished saving the city from the Speaker's latest plot.

"… And so our fair city is safe once again," the Patriot finished. "Any questions from the press?" Every single member of the audience raised their hands and called out for the Patriot's attention. "Ms. Haynes," Patriot said, nodding to a very attractive female reporter.

"Over the past few months the Speaker's attempts to destroy DC have seemed almost half-hearted. Do you think that perhaps the villain has the realized the hopelessness of trying to defeat you and is trying to bow out gracefully?"

"No," Patriot stated with a shake of his head. "I would never underestimate my arch-nemesis in such a manner. But you are correct in saying that his attacks haven't been up to his usual standards. I can only assume that he is planning something truly devious and is using these other attacks as a distraction."

"Do you have any idea what this might be?" Ms. Haynes pressed.

"I do not," Patriot admitted. "But trust me when I say that the Speaker will not be able to enact his plan for quite some time, if ever. The police and I have gained a lot of ground on him in the past few months, closing down several sectors in his operation. We have the upper hand now, good people."

"You're partially right," the Speaker muttered as he muted the news so he wouldn't have to listen to that gratingly heroic voice any longer. "But you have not hindered my plans." The screen changed over to the Atlanta news, where the newscasters were discussing Atlanta's new heroes, Bengal and Torque. An old picture of the Bengal appeared on the screen, back from the days when she and the Patriot had fought side by side. "She has."

And so it's done. A year after it began, Cat's-Eye is finally complete and posted. Thanks to everyone who's read, Koinophobia for reviews, Rabbit-511 for placing it in her C2 community, Odds & Ends, Samoaphoenix for putting up with me during all of this and Aprhodite's Dragon for being the greatest sister ever.

Tomorrow (11/1/07) NaNoWriMo starts, and I shall finally begin working on the next chapter in the Cat's-Eye sage, titled Cat's-Eye PI: Remnant. Or, according to Samoaphoenix- Gregory's Life Sucks. So, look for that to be posted in the coming months after I finish it and get it ready for public viewing.

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