Cotton crept along her throat and burst through her lips. She sputtered, gagging violently as its fluffy skin engulfed her uvula. Panic washed over her, and she slipped off the balcony. Her arms flailed in the air, rigid and concise in their repetitive, air-splitting maneuvers. Her eyes wide and cheeks bloated, she stared at the ground as it magnified in size. Her body hit with a metallic twang and richocheted off the floor. She landed, and her eyes faced the blank, white sky above her. It was vast, but so very far away. She whimpered a plea to her mother. "Mama," she said. She lost consciousness as the seams unraveled around the corners of her mouth. The clouds, thickening across her face, suffocated her. She succumbed to crinkled blankets and tinges of fruity perfume. A final sigh escaped her.