All right, here it is...Danger On The Horizon, the last in my trilogy about Lola, Bruce, Lucas, Selena, and Arika! I hope you read, review, and enjoy!!!!

SirWade :)


"I can't believe it's been one year," Lola said quietly.

Bruce sighed. "Lucas still isn't himself."

"I don't think he'll ever be the same again, Bruce," Lola replied. "I think Selena's death affected him deeply."

"I know it did, but, Lola, at some point he's going to have to move forward."

Lola nodded. "Yes, but it's only been a year, Bruce. We're all still grieving." She was she knew. Selena had been like her sister and Selena's death had affected her deeply too. She had become even more terrified of letting her loved ones out of her sight. After the deaths of Selena, her mother, and her stepfather, she was always worrying if someone else would be killed soon. She shuddered.

"Are you all right?" Bruce asked.

"Yes," she whispered. "I was just thinking about my parents…and Selena."

"Oh," Bruce replied. He wasn't sure what to say. Lola's history was wrought with pain and he knew she still carried scars from what she had suffered. "Are you going with Lucas to visit the grave after they put the headstone on?" he questioned.

Lola shrugged. "I don't know. If he doesn't mind I'd like to go with him."

"Do you want me to come?"

She smiled. "Would you?"

He grinned. "I'd do anything for you, Lola."

She kissed his cheek. "I know you would."

She slipped out from under the blankets and pulled on her robe. "I'm going to wake up Jaden. He'll probably want to go with us to the cemetery."

"What about Zoe?" he asked as he got out of bed.

"I'll see if she wants to go, but I don't know what she'll want to do." Lola replied before leaving the room.

Bruce stretched and picked up the phone. He sat back down on the edge of his bed and dialed Lucas's number.

The phone rang a few times before the answering machine picked up.

"Hi, you've reached Lucas. Please leave a message after the beep."

"Hi, Lucas…it is Bruce," he stopped when he heard the phone pick-up on the other end.

"Hi, Bruce," Lucas said wearily.

"Long night?" Bruce asked.

"Yeah, I couldn't sleep." Lucas replied.

"What time are you going down to the cemetery?"

"Uh…probably around ten, why?" Lucas asked.

"If you don't mind, Lola and I were going to go over with you," Bruce said.

"That's fine. You were Selena's friends too." Lucas sighed. "I can't believe it's been a year."

Bruce didn't say anything. He just waited for Lucas to continue.

"Some days it feels like she's been gone forever. Then other days the pain just feels so fresh." Lucas said.

"I'm not sure what to say, Lucas." Bruce replied. "I'd like to say it will get better, but I can't promise that…"

"I know," Lucas whispered. "I'll see you later."

"All right, bye." Bruce hung up the phone with a sigh. He wished he could help his friend.

"Who were you talking to?" Lola asked as she entered with, their daughter, Selena in her arms.

"Lucas," Bruce answered. "He said its fine for us to come." He took Selena from Lola. "Where's Brody?"

Lola smiled. "Juanita has him."

Bruce grinned. "What'd he do?"

"Climbed out of his crib," Lola said.

Bruce's eyebrows rose. "How'd he do that?"

Lola shrugged. "I have no idea."