My tongue has been broken

Bleeding in a darkened mouth

I'm choking down red flow

My bitter teeth chattering

Cold damp fingers wrap around

Puzzle pieces scattered across

The floors and ceilings of this

World waiting to be placed

In an order other than chaos

But the picture is so much bigger

Than I can see with gray sky eyes

Overtaken by confusion I place

My swollen mouth on my knees

Tasting dirty skin with cracked

Lips and ripping at my flesh

Hating myself for not knowing

What to do for the first time

Locked in this room of shattered

Dreams and sharp stained glass windows

Making mosaics out of the cuts on my

Body draining blood along the lines

Where moments became a lifetime

Of not knowing where I'm going

Floating into the unknown abyss

My feet nearly touching the ground

My hands brushing against the stars

Fingertips stroking my cheeks with

Red not quite paint

I'm gone again not knowing what path I'm taking

Just hoping to see you on the other side