Beauty in the Form of Mother Earth

And just like the great fleet of wind
I was reborn,
Taking in the great transformation
Retrieving my Dharma
Oh and time became so sweet
It was just like a fish, swimming in the vast
Open ocean
Fresh air, oh once more
Understanding life, for once
Seeing beauty through my pain
Such beauty and love
No longer searching for my place
No longer a fish out of water
Gasping for fresh air
Fresh, clean air
No longer lost,
No longer waiting -
The waiting game really was played out
Check it out,
Check it out,
Little whispers in my head –
Look to the sky
Look to the Earth
Look, in your heart
And I was renewed
Oh my, renewed
As if there was a breathing, living Buddha within my beating heart
Once I realized,
Once I knew,
'This is it'
Ain't gotta wait for something else
It's all here,
Right in front of us
Underneath, overtop
Surrounding us
We are encompassed in the great Mother Earth herself
What more to ask?
What more to need?
Breathing, seeing
Feeling – touching, touching the great ground
Tasting, tasting sweetness, bitterness, sourness
What a treat for our great taste buds
For if it's bitter at the start, then it's sweeter in the end
Then the scent, just smelling in the blissful, charming air
For what would we be without such senses?
For what are we without such components,
Nothing but as useless as the cement we put upon
Sweet Mother Earth,
Just for a smoother walk, a smoother ride
But life is not always smooth
For it is rarely smooth
Life is not an easy climb
Life, well it is a steep climb,
A slow, steep climb
Until you reach the top of that vast mountain
Take it all in,
And you breathe the purist air than what was there
Along for the climb
And the view
Such a glorious view you receive at the end of the climb
And the ride down –
Well that is the smooth part of it all
Unless you trip, fall
And crash at the end
Head-first, into Mother Earth's remains
Life, beauty in the form of Mother Earth