When did I start living, breathing,

Brick red Converse and Bright Eyes

Lyrics from Take it Easy

Drinking in my own poetry like

Water then purging myself of it

When did everything become CWF

And teenage angst

Something about paper cuts I think

Why can't I remember being happy

Where did neverbeenkissed go to?

When did love become a song I wrote

That no one can ever sing because I

Don't know how to write a melody

When did I start being emopunkchild

Thinking I'm so much better than everyone else

Because I know how to hurt so much more

Than people dying lungs collapsing

Children bleeding, starving, singing

Songs of hopelessness

And I'm the one forgotten by the rest of the world?

Never cutting because I'm not selfish yet I'm

Gorging myself with ink stained fingers

Ink drenched papers and computer keys

Writing out my soul as if it really mattered

Am I pathetic enough now?

Last night looking into the stars I realized

I've become just another sick emo kid

Dying of the self-pity disease