Hi All

I am still currently trying to get secrets published but am struggling to find a place for it due to its genre. So I have decided to give Gatekeeper a go. I just finished editing it and will remove it to try and get it published. I'm thinking I'll give it a year to a year and a half and if it is not accepted by then I'll bring it back here. There is an extra smut scene added and I have split the last chapter into two. I hope you will all continue to support me in this endeavor as you have been supporting me thus far. Meanwhile, please look out for my short stories:

Moonlight's Silver: What if you were a werewolf, trapped between two forms, neither here not there. This story is about one such werewolf, a half breed that has wolf ears, tail and eyes in his human form. He can never be truly human nor can he ever be a wolf and as such is rejected by both. What happens when he stumbles upon his destined mate?

Circles and Life and Death: An alien diplomat needs to make his way to earth in order to discover the secret of Stonehenge. A human captain, of a space courier, is ordered to take the alien to earth and is less than impressed with the task. Upon meeting the alien, however, something changes. Electricity courses through his veins and he yearns to know more about the diplomat he is meant to transport.

I finally have something that has been accepted!

Dreamspinner Press has agreed to publish both. They are completely new pieces that have not been published anywhere before. I intend to publish them under the pen name Rayne Auster. If I succeed I will change my pen name here as well in keeping with my publishing profile.

I will post more about these two stories as soon as I have refined their descriptions.

Miss you all