The day started out normal. Alexander meet up with his girlfriend of six years Tia at their usual spot next to the large plaque of their school. University of Shana. It was a prestigious private school run by the crème-de-la-crème of the town Headmaster Argentous. He ran with an iron fist but with a kind heart. The held hands as they made their way to their first class. History of the Dark Ages. It was run by Professor Derek Mondus. He skinny upper-crust man. He never took any lip from his students and it was known that every once and a while the old ruler came out to descend on students hands. Corporal Punishment was allowed at the school but rarely used. The sat at their respectable seats and waited for the professor to enter. He came in carrying his large text books and his soft calf skin suitcase. He set these on his desks and turned to the class with a peeved look on his face. He waited for the students to take their seats then said in a bellowing voice;

"Alexander Dinar, would you please come up here?"

This was somewhat expected for the students of his class, usual this meant that the said student was in trouble. And as everyone knew in that class, Ander, as he was called by his friends, was a grade A student, never doing anything against the grain at school. Being the epitome of manners, especially in this class.

"I know what you did last weekend. And it is absolutely unaccepteable. I would have thought much better of you then to do such a crass act young man."

Ander with a look of confusion slowly walked up to the front of the class room.

"Sir? I don't understand w…"

"Don't play dumb with me young man. Now that's enough talking. Please remove your belt and give it to me."

At this, all 32 heads of the students looked up from their reading and stared intently at this scene of doom. Some snickered under their breath. Finally the 'goody-goody' was going to get his share. They all racked their brains to think of what this horrendous act might have been that Ander did, but couldn't come up with anything that he would or could do that would such infuriate Professor Mondus.

Ander removed his belt with an icy feeling at the pit of his stomach.

"Sir. You have to show him the signed agreement of his parents and the school board that this can happen for his offence." Chimed in Daniel Barks who was always being smacked for one or another reason by the professor. His smile was very wide and his eyes glinted with joy at seeing this transpire.

"Thank you Mr. Barks. But I am aware of the rules at this school as you well know."

He pulled out two signed sheets from his briefcase and showed the sheets to his class. Headmaster Argentous' signature with it's telltale swish of the 's' could be seen in a dark black text. Next to it was Ander's parents signature, with the illegible writing of his drunk father and his nervous mother.

"As you can see Mr. Bark, they have been signed. Now go about your business and read the pages given to you!"

Professor Mondus doubled over the dark brown belt and motioned his hand for Ander to come around his desk and bend over. Professor Mondus always made sure the offender's face could be seen by the other students during punishment so they knew not to make the same mistake.

Ander racked his brain as well but couldn't think of anything he might have done. He glanced over at Tia who was darting her eyes from her book to him to make Professor Mondus think she was dutifully reading.

He leaned over the desk and flipped up his black 4,000 hand-stitched jacket flaps onto his back. He swallowed hard and exhaled as quietly and calmly as he could. This in all his 16 years had never once happened to him by anyone he knew. He braced himself for the first blow and was surprised at how the sound was magnified by the stark walls, then the searing pain erupted throughout his entire backside. Just as he thought he was glad that he had waited for Tia to cute his shoulder length hair, Professor Monus growled;

"Move that hair out of your eyes! Tia! Give him one of your hair-ties."

Tia reluctantly walked up to them and took out the rainbow scrunchy which made her long black hair fall over her shoulders. She leaned over Ander's prone body and tied back his hair. Snickers could be heard throughout the class which prompted Professor Mondus to smack the belt hard on his desk. The class jumped and cringed as they knew that would be what would happen to Ander in a few seconds. Hair-tie in place, Tia touched Ander's hand tenderly and returned to her seat. The professor wanted to add insult to injury by tying back his none conformist hair. That was the only thing Ander ever did, was grow his hair only slightly longer than was normal. For this, he now hated himself. He knew that come Monday, the whole school would know of the whole incident and call him 'goody-goody-girly' or something to that effect.

Without warning, prof. Mondus raised the belt again and landed it square in the middle of Ander's backside, causing him and the whole class to jump. He continued to smack relentlessly at Ander, making a clean line underneath the previous line. After the 15th smack, Ander began to shake visibly, trying to hold in the tears that so wanted to spring free. This was not fair and not right! What had he done to deserve such treatment? And to have his parents allow such a thing without him even knowing what it was he was supposed to have done.

Blow after searing blow landed with such a precision on Ander that he began to think that the Professor had gone to some form of school for such a thing. The professor then began to smack his way on the underside of Ander's backside. The 'sweet-spot'. And slightly below that, on his thighs. He worked his way over that entire area for around another ten mintues. Ander by now, was gripping onto the edge of the desk with his hands. His knuckles showing bone-white. The class had by now stopped reading and were watching intently. Joey Montana had brought out his little hand-held he used for making movies in his video-arts class and was stealthily recording the whole thing, from when Ander was called up to the front of the class to now. Tia had a feeling he knew this was going to happen at Joey's quick response with his camera. She'd have to bribe him for the video tape now so it wouldn't make it's way around the school or on his myspace. Joey had a habit of doing such things, taping punishments and posing them on his site, getting money from horney perverted old men who loved seeing young men getting their backsides 'warmed up'. He actually made quit a profit off of this, and now this video would give him a pretty penny or two.

The trashing continued for another ten minutes. Constant precision at each line that crisscrossed the previous ones. Had his pants and underwear been down, his backside would show a deep red with tiny welts strarting to form. Professor Mondus stopped his tirade and set the belt on his desk. Ander buried his head in his out-streached arms and breathed heavily. He would now have to lift his head, put his belt back on his pants and sit down to finish out the class. He dreaded the looks on the other students faces almost as much as he dreaded to sit down. As he slowly stood up and looped his belt back into his pants he saw that Joey Montana was filming the whole thing. He stared into the camera with dead eyes. Not really caring anymore that his video would be making it on Joey's little website.

"Before you take your seat, you need to sign this form."

Professor Mondus handed Ander a form typed out by the Headmaster's personal secretary. The form read that Ander had received his punishment only with the consent of his parents and the headmaster and that it was a lawful cause. Even though Ander had no idea what he had done, he had to sign the papers. With a shaking hand, Ander signed the paper in his best cursive; 'Alexander Haden Dinar.

He made his way to his seat and slowly sat down.

"So how was you first taste girlie?" laughed Joey as he pointed his camera directly in Ander's face.

Ander felt at the back of his head and sheepishly pulled out the hair-tie. He tossed it to Tia who had tears in her eyes. She put her hands to her mouth and sobbed quietly to herself.

Class went on for another 20 minutes, then the rest of the day. Ander didn't speak to anyone. At lunch he decided to sit in the common room where kids would go to play pool and foosball. He sat in one of the large soft leather chairs and scrunched his body as far down as it would go. Joey, with his camera prepared waltzed up to him and said;

"So Ander. Are you ever going to do anything so crass as that again? I say young man." He began to mimic Professor Mundo's voice as he burst out laughing at the look of annoyance on Ander's face.

"Why don't you take your camera and shove it, huh Joey? How would you feel if someone made a video of you and sold it to pervs?! Hell, what does that make you then?" snarled Tia as she walked up to Ander with two trays of food.

"Whoa tiger! Looks like your woman has to take you blows for ya! If only right? Man what we wouldn't give to see her skirt raised…Ah…"

Joey walked off laughing into his camera.

"Dip wad. What a shit. I brought you some food. And believe me when I say I am going to get that damn camera from that asshole Joey Montana."

"I'm not hungry T. Thanks though."

Ander sank deeper into the chair and wrapped his arms around his bent knees.

"Thanks for the hair-tie…"

"That's creepy. Don't thank me for helping to humiliate you!!"

"If you hadn't he'd have probably cut my hair off right then and there."

"True. Hey, do you want to skip the last two classes and go home?"

"No. I don't want people to think I'm a big baby or something. But I can't go home. My parents will only make it all worse. Can I come to your house?"

"Of course you can!"

They finished up their last two classes and meet up at the plaque. Tia had in her hand Joey's camera and the video tape.

"How'd you get it?"

"I told him I'd hook him up with some premo pot and maybe a new client for his pervy website. All lies of course. But a pot-head can't resist his pot. Plus his clients have been stiffing him quit a bit lately."

"Thank Tia."

Ander's backside still hurt like the blazes. He had no desire to ride his bike all the way to Tia's house.

"Tia. Can we just walk to your house? Maybe your brother can give us a ride back a little later."

"Sure. Tony'd love to. Plus then he can kick in Professor Mondus' teeth for ya."

"I really don't want anyone to know about this Tia…"

"Alright, alright. Come on then, let's head home."

The walk home took a lot longer than usual. They walked slow enough so that Ander's pants didn't rub up too roughly on his sore backside. Tia held his hand the entire way. Skipping every once and a while and planting a kiss on his cheek. They made it up to the light post on the corner of her street when her mother's SUV pulled up sharply to the curb. Ander looked at his watch. It said 5:20.

Usually, Tia and Ander would get to the house at around 3:30. So of course Veronica, Tia's mother, was worried. She hurriedly rolled down the window and stared.

"Where the hell have you two been?! I've been trying to reach you for and hour and a half!"

"Oh! God, my phone is off. Today was really hectic mom."

"Alright. Well, get in you two."

Tia shuffled in followed slowly by Ander who sat down with a loud gasp.

"Ander, what's the matter honey?"

"Nothing Verona."

Verona was what she was called by nearly everyone. Tia sometimes called her that, but when company was around she was "mom" or "mother".

"Come on now Ander. I know you like you were my own kid. Now what's the matter?"

"I'll tell you when we get home."

Ander's face was obviously distraught. When they pulled up to the manicured lawn, they all scuttled out of the car and into the house. Tia threw there backpacks next to the sitting chair by the front door. Ander slowly sat down on the couch as Verona went to get them some drinks and snacks. Tia joined her boyfriend after she grabbed the videotape.

"So Ander. What's the matter? You seem like you're in pain."


Verona gave him her best 'speak up now' look and turned to Tia when she popped in a video cassette into the VCR.

"Tia, this is no time to be watching a movie. I'm trying to talk to Ander."

"This will explain it a lot better than he can right now Verona."

The first image on the screen was Joey Montana making spanking motions with his hand. The students filed in and sat down. Professor Mondus called up Ander and asked for his belt. What followed so horrified Verona that she hid her face in the couch pillows. After the finishing shot, Verona lifted her head and clutched at Ander. She pulled him into a bear hug and didn't let go. Tears were pouring down her cheeks. Tony and his wife Sadya walked in with Tony and Tia's father Brandon.

"Verona, what's the matter?"




She was sobbing so hard that the words couldn't come out.

"Just watch the tape and you'll understand." Said Ander in a muffled voice.

His face was pressed up against Verona's large breast and her shoulder blade.

"Verona. Thanks a lot, but I really can't relive this again. Tia and I'll go upstairs."

With that, the young couple walked upstairs as the three relatives sat down.

After the movie, Tony and Brandon could be hear saying various expletives and banging things around. Sadya could be heard speaking Russian to her mother on the phone. Tia and Ander both knew that Katiya would be horrified to know that such things happened in the glorious America. Tony ran up the stairs and into the spacious family room with it's ornate fireplace. Tia was running her fingers through Ander's hair, who was laying on the couch, head in Tia's lap.

"Ander, I'm going to kick his fucking teeth in! What the hell?! He didn't even tell you what you did."