So I wasted your time. There is no happy ending to this story and I did indeed miss the boat to happily ever after. Nobody is going to walk away thinking that maybe we got married, had kids, matching SUV's, and chocolate labs. Which in a way is good, because I'm not fond of labs and SUV's are hard on gas.

Practical, that's me.

And maybe I'd lied at the beginning of this tale when I said that my deep insight into the male psyche got me into trouble. Because maybe if I was a little better of a man-whisperer, I might have avoided this whole charade all together. But then, I don't think I wanted to.

As I also said before, I love to torture myself.

But what I do know is this: there are no "dating Gods" or such thing as "dating karma". There's just you and him or her, and that's all that really matters. And if you can't seem to be you around the one you are dating, then you aren't dating the right one.

Well, that's what I believe anyway. So if you take anything from this entire tale, let it be that. And my charming personality, of course. Because if you don't have that, well, then I honestly wasted my time writing this down.

And there may be some of you that feel sorry for me, but don't because I'm fine. Life goes on! It has been an entire week since my little revelation on Grant's patio and I've become my old self again. Which is good because I lost me for a while there.

Oh! Cheryl, lets not forget her, did end up with community service and I had so much fun driving by while she picked garbage on the highway that I almost forgot the whole thing. Almost, but it was closer to complete forgetfulness than anything else could've done.

Memo to self: I still hate her.

Close the book on the whole thing, end of story, and it's time to begin a new one. And if you believed that, you're on crack. If you think I'd torture myself again to entertain, you're sorely mistaken.


I glanced up from the computer to look at my bedroom door as Nick came in. He was rather annoyed and I hadn't the faintest idea why.

"Yes?" I asked, looking innocent; okay, maybe I knew why.

"Come on, the whole town is going and you're not hiding up here." he ordered, grabbing a baseball cap off my dresser and tossing it to me. "It's the league final!"

Right, baseball.

Saving and shutting my laptop screen, I pulled the cap on and raced with him to the truck. This was the biggest game of the year and we couldn't miss the first pitch, that would be blasphemy. Especially since I'd drove all the way out here from college just to see it.

Roaring at break neck speed to the park, I found Patricia and Heather waiting in between all the parked cars. Since this whole thing had gone down with Bishop, I had started hanging around with them a lot more. Not only was I out of male friends, but I figured some female ones could teach me a thing or two about the relationship aspect of the world.

Ha, was I delusional, they knew just about as much as I did, which was nothing at all really.

"Come on, we saved some good seats." gushed Patty, in a hurry to get seated and enjoy the festivities.

Hank and I chased her and soon the game was underway. I could go into a bunch of baseball mumbo jumbo and dramatics, but I'm so over the dramatics thing. I'll just say that the other team won, which is too bad but second in the league is better than last. Or so I like to say.

I know you're all wondering and yes; Grant did still play on the team and he still moved out to this sleepy little town. But it's a free country, so I couldn't really ban him or anything. Plus, we still talked.

His girlfriend always came out with him too, God, all the time. I couldn't hate her though. She's beautiful, smart, sexy, and all around a wonderful person. How could you hate that? It's pretty hard if I do say so myself and it's a small town so I can't really avoid her, so it's just best to play it cool. Think Eskimo peeing, that's how cool I am.

Grant came up as the team filed away, grin on his handsome face and sweating like a pig; God, disgusting. Giving me a large kiss, enough to make my toes curl, he laughed.

"Oh well we tried, didn't we, angel?"

I gave him a hard look as he threw one sweaty arm around my shoulders and started steering me towards the car.

"You guys still aren't hitting very good."

Memo to self: boy, didn't I have you fooled.

Extra memo to self: that's the end…well, maybe the beginning.


Author Babble:

Alright, so that's the end and to clear up any misconceptions that might arise: YES! THEY DID GET TOGETHER! You have no idea how many people wanted to hit me when they read that ending. There are probably a few more now. I want to thank everyone who read all of the story and stuck it through to the end. Please tell me how you felt about it; it's my first time writing in this style and any criticism would be (and always is) welcome. Thank you again!!!