i have honestly been trying to submit this for the past four days. i don't know whether it was my computer of ficpress but it was pissing me off... so finally i get it up here. cliche-y but that's deliciou, no? . hah.

You Invaded My TV Set.

You talk too fast,

Forget to breathe,

I put you on pause

For a little while.

But slow-mo snow

Does you no justice

So I rewind you

And just press play.

I sink into the floor

And put down roots

As eyeballs cry

From the whiteness of your skin

So I adjust the hue

On my TV set

And you're more

Green now.

Now cyan, magenta

And finally black and white.

I fast-forward

To my favorite part

Where you

Twiddle thumbs

And lick your teeth

Pause. Rewind. Play.

Pause. Rewind. Play.

But channel three

Wants in on our conversation

And signals cross

So the volume

Gets turned down.

They say you have to end

Some time soon

But you don't

So I watch you

As long as I can.

But then in the middle of the scene

With no beginning, middle

Or end,

You say those three words

Which make me spit

In the face

Of every cliché

And sizzle my blood.

So I press one more button

One last time.



And you blue screen.