Summary: She is a normal girl. I mean, apart from being a witch whose job is to defent the weak from nasty aliens and demons and then being summoned to help a relative of hers, that is. Apart from all that - she's completely normal! Ah, who am I trying to fool, here! She's a freak! But the good kind of freak. Plz R&R

Explanation: XXXX Equals day or days later. xxxx equals hours or minutes later.

Authors note: It's got some japanese in it, so ask me if there's something you don't understand. So this all takes place somewhere in Japan, I think. I didn't really have a plan when I wrote this. And F.Y.I. I wrote this when I was like 14. I just printed it over to the computer, trying not to change too much. Feel free to be cruel if you'd like but please remember that I have feelings, too chuckling. Anyways, I'm not that good a describing places and persons, but I'm going to do my best so bear with me okay? P.S I think I wrote this after seeing 'Jubei - the lovely eyepatch'. So it might have a touch of that.

The Black Knight


Everybody that was sitting in the bar looked up from whatever they were doing as a girl came running through the doors.

The bartender leaned over with a phone in his hand.

"It's for you. Someone in Kyoto."

She took a seat by the bar, nearly loosing her balance on top of the chair before pressing the phone against her ear.

"Moshi moshi! Ah, oni-san! Daijobu? Mhm...mhm...mhm..."

The barkeep gently knocked with a finger on his wristwatch and she hurried it up.

"Yeah. Oni-san! I don't have much time here. What do you want?"

The whole bar went quiet for about two minutes before she outbursted.

"You want me to what? But I can't...I do have a life, you know! Yes, I do to have a life! So, why should I bother about someone elses? Well!..Mom and dad aren't really around to support your decision, are they! They're gone, remember?"

She flickered her eyelashes as the bartender signed to her that talking on the phone cost money.

She sighed.

"Oh, alright. I'll go. Bye now." she said before hanging up.

As soon as the phone was back on it's place, everybody got back to minding their own buisness.

Nima rested her head on the counter.

Freeze. Close-up on Nima's face and her voice is heard.

"Well, hello there everybody! Or as we say in japan 'Konnichiwa, minna!'. Well, as you may allready have discovered during my phone call, I'm sort of an orphan.

I used to live with my brother, who is my legal guardian now. But then I moved away to school. Kyoto may be the most beautiful place on earth (Or so I think) but I had to get away from my bossy brother.

Anyhow! I'm thirteen years old.

I like to play football, or socker as they call it. I like to sleep and I practice a lot of martial arts and stuff.

But mostly I like to sleep.

As any other normal teenage girl would."

End of close-up and her life continues.

She sat up straight again as the barkeep made it clear that he was going to speak.

He smiled at her.

"What's the matter?"

She glared at him. "If looks could kill." he teased her.

"Yeah right! As if you didn't just hear the conversation!"

He leaned over the counter, resting his elbows on it.

He kinda looked like one of those big teddy-bears that has a shirt on that says 'Hug me'.

"Come on, Nima-kun. Tell Boba what's wrong."

Freeze. Close-up on Nima's face again as she smirked.

"Yup! That's Boba, for ya! He runs the bar. He's really sweet an nice and all, but not really for the cuddly parts. Not really the brightest of all, either but he's the greatest.

And he is an excelent cook! His food is allways great.

I like food a lot."

End of close-up and the conversation continues.

She looked annoyed and gave up a great sigh.

"My brother wants me to go visit some relatives we have somewhere. It's a cousin, his wife and their son. Oh, and the wife had a son with another japanese guy. She was a widower, I think. He died before she found out she was pregnant. Anyways, the little kid has problems and they want me to come and fix them. To figure out what they are. Which I'm so not gonna do! I'll just get a little friendly, end of story."


She nodded.

Suddenly, one of the guests interrupted them. He was playing poker with his friends as he suddenly stood up, pointing accusefully at one of his friends.

"You stinkin rat! You cheated!"

The friend looked irritated as he shook his head.

"We're just playing cards. No one is cheating."

"You are! Aaaarrrghhhh!"

The guy fell to the floor, crawling with pain as he changed into an alien with big tentacle-like arms.

"Uh-oh." Boba mumbled.

Freeze. Close-up on Nima.

"This is very normal. A I probably should have told you before, the year is 2024.

At the year 2000, the earth was near destruction as aliens attacked and demons got loose to spread as a plague over Earth. But surprisingly enough, man fought back and won.

Well, man and others that was supernatural beings.

And then, the demons and aliens were spread over the world and took place in humans bodies.

And when they are really angry or just pissed - like the man over there - they take over the human body and turns into demons or aliens."

End close-up.

The bar was close to a school for girls and the demon headed towards it.

"Oh, no you're not!" Nima exclaimed and jumped off the chair.

She managed to catch up with the demon/aliean thing and stood in front of it.

Around her neck was a silver spoon in a necklace. Not that it made any sence with a spoon around her neck, it just had allways been hers.

"Black Knight! Witchcraft! Make up!" she called out.

Around her appeared a pinkish light and she changed into a costume.

She was now wearing black and silver. The skirt and elbow length gloves were black and the bluse and boots were in silver.

Her hair was up in a way that made it look like wings. And it had also turned brown.

Her whole being was changed. Her body was the one of a twenty-year-old.

Freeze. Close-up on Nima's eyes.

"Oh, I forgot something else! Silly me!

I am a descendent of the supernatural humans that helped fight back against the evil trying to take over. I also am a defender of the Earth. A warrior.

They call me 'The Black Knight'.

And I'm very proud of it, too! Cause I am a great fighter! A warrior for the people! A defender of the Earth! A protecter of the weak! A -

Ah, you get my drift!"

End of close-up.

The demon seemed to get angrier and angrier.

She breathed in and out before grabbing the spoon and making a gesture with it trough the air.

"Sword of thunder!" she called out.

The spoon turned into the handle of a great sword.

The demon attacked and she jumped and swung her sword once before gracefully landing behind him.

She waited.

Slowly, the demon's head blew off and the body turned back to the human it was before.

"Hah...hah...hah..." she breathed, heavely.

She walked back to the bar and took a seat by the counter again. She rested her elbow against it ang leaned her chin against her hand.

"Great work." Boba praised her.

She shook her head.

"I need a vacation..." she mumbled.


A few days later, after making all the preparations she finally sat a plane to who-knows-where.

"Well, this is nice. I could get used to this. I wonder where I'm going, though." she said, smiling to herself.

First class kicked ass.

"Ladies and gentlemen. This is your captain speaking. Please fasten your seatbelts when the light turns on and the plane will leave the court on twenty minutes."

Once they were in the air a stewadess passed her seat. She stopped her.

"Excuse me, ma'am."

The stewadess stopped and looked at her with a smiling face.

"Yes, my dear?"

"I was sorta sent without knowledge of my destination. Could you maybe tell me where this plane is going?"

"Well, this plane is heading to England, sweetie."

England? She was being sent to England?

With a huge amout of drama, she turned to the window, pressed her hands against is and screamed.



The airport was filled with people.

A tall, handsome man with long, black hair in a pony tail stood by the gates, waiting for her.

Gosh, he hasn't gotten any shorter. she thought.

Freeze. Close-up.

"That reminds me of something. I never explained to you what I look like.

Well...Ehemhem! My hair's dark blue and my eyes are dark, allmost black. I'm short. Maybe too short for a thirteen year old. I'm not fat, ot that there's anything wrong with being big.

When I transform, my whole appearance changes. Including my body and hair. It turnes pink and my eyes are those of a tiger's.

Let me just say one thing.

You don't wanna mess with this kitty."

End of close-up.

She smiled.

Okay, so he was freakeshly tall but he was so handsome!

She ran towards him and straight into his arms.

"Hey! How are my little Nima-kun?" he asked after they stopped hugging.

"Just as allways, cousin Ran!" she called out.

Oh, what joy to be with family again. Even though it was in this ugly country.

Okay, maybe it wasn't ugly but it was sure not as pretty as Kyoto.

"Let's go get your lugage."



Twentie minutes later, they both sat in a BMW in silver.

"Love the color!" she exclaimed.

"Yeah? Yeah?" he exclaimed, excited.


The next thing she knew, the car stopped in front of a great house.

A woman came out to meet them.

She was a typical english woman, her hair blond and her eyes gray. She was very attractive. You know, for an english person.

I gotta talk to someone about my problems with the english people. Nima thought as they both walked closer to the house.

"Welcome home, darling! And you must be Nima. Welcome to our home." she called out with a big smile.

Her accent was even idealistic.

Nima got out of the car and stambled over her words.

"Well, hello there...umm..."

She looked over at Ran.

"Alice." he whispered.

"Alice!" she exclaimed with a happy smile.

The woman stepped aside and wawed them to her.

"Come in, come in. I want you to feel like home."


When they entered the livingroom, Alice took her bags.

"I'll put these in the guest-room, dear."

"Arigato." Nima nodded.

"That means 'thank you', right? Ran taught me a little."

Freeze. Close-up.

"As if he had much choise with his own wife!

What a sweet, yet silly little woman.

I wonder where their kids are...I don't even know the younger one's name."

End close-up.

"Where is the little one, by the way?" she asked.

"He's not so little anymore, Nima-kun. He's ten years old now." Ran said, chuckling.

Freeze. Close-up.

"Well, that's true. I mean, it has been six years since we last met.

But what about their eldest son? I don't remember ever meeting him."

End close-up.

"What about your eldest son?"

"You mean Will? His sixteenth birthday is in a few days. On Monday, to be exact." Alice said and counted on her fingers.

Freeze. Close-up.

"Great! Just great! The pimple headed teenager has a birthday the same day as mine!"

End of close-up.

Ran blinked, looking rather surprised.

"Isn't your birthday this Monday?"

She blushed.

"Well...Yeah...But I don't think Will's gonna like it fi he find out."

They were both talking in Japanese and Alice looked confused. Ran turned to his wife and explained their situation.

"Oh? Well, that's no trouble at all, dear. Will is a big boy. He can take it." she said, smiling.

Ran looked at them.

He liked what he saw. That his wife and his cousin was getting along so well. They werent the best of friends but at least they talked to eachother.

"Why don't you two go an bake that pie you were talking about earlier, sweetheart." he proposed.

"Yes. Maybe you can show me how you bake pies in Japan?"

"Sure. It will be my pleasure, Alice."


While making the pie they caught up with eachother.

"You know, the last time I saw you, you were just a little baby. What do you do now?"

Nima shrugged her shoulders as she knead the dough to the pie.

"I go to an all girls school and work part-time in a bar. When I got the call that you neede my help, I took some time off and got on a plane."

Not the real truth, maybe but it was pretty much what had happened.

Suddenly, a boy with black hair, black eyes and an obvious great looking future in the looks-department came in through the kitchen door.

"Welcome home, darling. This is daddy's cousin. Remember when he talked about her?"

The boy nodded.

Alice jumped as she though of something.

"Oh, dear. I forgot the fruit. Excuse me, I have to run to the store."


As Alice had rushed out through the door, she took a good look at the boy. He was really a mix of his parents.

"I'm sorry. I forgot your name."

"Jake." he said shortly.

She nodded.

"What's your name?"

She was surprised that he willingly continued the conversation.

"Nima. Which of them named you?"

"My mom."

"Got a japanese name?"

"Yes. It's Daisuke."




The short exchange of words continued.

"What part of Japan are you from?"

"I was born in Kyoto. You got a girlfriend?"

"No. Boyfriend?"



He shugged his shoulders.

"Haven't found the right one yet.You?"


"What about your friends?"

"Haven't got that many. A few. What did you do in Japan?"

"I went to school. And when I didn't have class, I worked part-time in a bar."

"Will works part-time, too. Mom and dad dosen't know, they think he's playing football."

"Why hasn't he told your parents he has a job?"

"They're kinda overprotective. He says he wants his own life."

"But he talks to you about it?"

In the corner of the boy's mouth, she saw a crooked smile appear.

"We talk about everything. He trusts me."

She smiled.

"That's good, right? That he trust's you, I mean."

The boy's eyes darkened and the beginning of a smile dissappeared completely.

"He should't. I'm not the kind of person you can trust."


She didn't know what to say next.

All she knew so far was that this boy had the biggest sorrow in his eyes.

As if he had only seen bad things in this world.

So that's why she had been summoned here...



- Okay! So this was as far as I wrote on this story! If you'd like, I'll try to keep writing on it. Not sure if I'll be able to make it, but if you tell me what you think, I'll try really hard. Please make suggestions, I love to hear what you think should happen next. -

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