Into Eternity

The world seemed gray.

All thanks to the lousy weather that had been hanging on to their city for several months.

A young man was running after a young woman.


He grabbed her wrist, managing to get her to slow down.

"I said wait!"

She turned to face him and slapped his hand away.

"Don't touch me!" she hissed.

Allways in a dangerous mood. That mood of hers reminded him of an angry cat's. Maybe she was like this with him alone.

She was fierce, hot tempered and passionate.

He actually blushed slightly as he remembered exactly how passionate she could get.

Blinking, he returned to reality. Shit! She was even angrier now that she was a couple of seconds ago.

Her eyes reminded him of ice on a frozen lake.

He swallowed.

"Just try to understand my situation here. I care for you. I really do. And...I-"


Her hand was still in the air.

"Don't you dare...say it..." she warned.

She lowered her hand, clinching it into a fist.

"I don't wan't to hear it. I actually don't give a damn."

His eyes seemed to shoot lightning and he didn't react to what happened until his hand had allready struck her cheek, making it turn red.

Her face was turned away and not one word escaped her lips.

He took a step towards her.

"I...I'm sorry..."

Nothing. Was she crying? Was she angry?

There was no way for him to know.

Suddenly, it started to rain.

Only thing left to make this lousy weather lousier.

He noticed her white shirt got all wet. She would get wery sick from this if she didn't change into dry clothes soon.

He bit his lip just thinking about it.

"Please...I'm so-"

Again, she interruppted him by slapping him. Then, she threw herself into his arms.

Chocked, surprised and very confused he held her.

"Don't you get it? All we ever do is hurting eachother..." she whispered and looked up at him.

He gazed into her beautiful eyes as she started sobbing. She stood on her toes and her lips were getting closer to his own.

"All we ever do is ripping eachother apart."

There was no time to give her an answer as their lips seemed to melt together.

He knew she was right, though. They would only be miserable together.

But right now, that didn't matter.

What on the other hand did matter was now. This wery moment.

This moment where he got to hold her like this.

Alone in the rain.

If only it would last into eternity.


- Awright! So this was somethign I wrote as an essay. I hope you liked it, cuz it really took all the strength I got to write something this short! -