Trapped in The Jungle

They could hear how mines flew through the air and exploded as they landed on the ground.

Guns were shooting and people were screaming.

But that was all behind them. Far behind.

Two young, female soldiers were walking through the jungle.

They were different in every different way possible. The younger one of them had blue eyes, light skin and blonde hair.

The older one of them had brown eyes, tanned skin and dark hair.

She had been shot in the shoulder earlier and the younger one supported her wounded friend by holding her arm around her shoulders.

"I can't...go on...any longer..." she breathed.

Her voice seemed cracked and the pair of blue eyes were pointed at the pair of brown eyes.

"You have to go on without friend..."

They stopped.

Silence ruled the surrounding.

Well, it would have if you ignored the war going on about two hundred meters behind them on the other side of the jungle, that is.

"You're right. Okay."

She let go of her arm.

"Whoa!" she exclaimed, not at all prepared for this kind of reaction.

There was this light thump as she hit the ground.

Some strays of her dark hair was covering her face as she supported herself with her good arm, calling out to her friend.

"Hey! It was a figure of speech! Don't leave me here!"

Sighing deeply, the blonde girl helped her friend up again.

"You are unbeliavable, you know that?" she commented.

"I was going for the noble act..." the other muttered.

"Yeah right."

They kept on walking.

Thousands of thoughts were flying through both of their minds as silence surrounded them once again.


"What now?"

It was noticable she was getting annoyed.

The brunette smirked mischeviously and if the blonde had just bothered to look to the side she would have noticed the evil shining through.

"My arm is hurting. Why don't you take off your clothes and make it better?"

She sighed, loudly. But you could notice the little smile that was hiding in that.

"You are so gay."

"Am not. I just get a little bi when I'm around you. So, what do you think?"

She shook her head and in the corned of her mouth you could see a smile actually appear.

"As soon as we get back, I am so leaving you." she managed to mutter.

They continued walking through the jungle, arguing and teasing eachother.

Forever trapped together.


- Awright! So this was somethign I wrote as an essay. I hope you liked it, cuz it really took all the strength I got to write something this short! -