I trusted you...

Like a friend, I trusted you...

You betrayed that trust...

You betrayed me...

I can never forgive you

for what you did...

Forgiveness is not a word

that goes with your name...

You better watch your back...

Cause I'll be out there...

Looking for you...


Hush littel ones...

Don't say a word...

Mommy's here

and she allways will be...

You are never alone,

I will allways be with you...

As you grow,

I'll stand by you...

I won't allways be there

that is the truth...

But I will allways love you...

See you in your dreams

my darlings...


I feel sad without you

Alone and cold

I miss you when you're gone

For then I'm all alone

People may laugh

and say mean things

But i don't care about those


All I care about

is you

To be there for me


I have a secret

It's something no one knows

From the outside

I come out as the cold guy

I've actually been in love


It's hard to belive

One died

The other loves another

My secret is that

I'm still in love

But it can never be true

You'll never come back

to life

But I'll allways be in love

with you

Mommy dearest

Why do you hate me

Your eyes are cold

when you look at me

You never smile at me


I hate you

Or I wish I could hate you

The way you hate me

But no matter

what you do

You'll allways be the one

closest to me

Mommy dearest


- Okay! A couple of poems! They make more sence with the pictures I drew with them, though -