About five years ago, I promised to write a sequel to "After Dark". Then the last five years happened and I was buried under two graduate degrees, a new company, writing a book (almost done with that!) and a myriad of other things that kept me from keeping my promise.

But this story has been brewing that whole time, and I would really like to write it. To any old readers still out there, I'm back! To any new readers, here's the prologue to the new story which I will post separately as well.

"Never Walk Alone" Teaser

In the Otherworld, the Dark Fae were trying desperately to recreate their powerful ancestors, the Tuatha Dé Danaan, a people whose magic was strong enough to defeat their rivals, the Bright Fae. At a MagiTech lab in one of the Dark Fae nations, after countless failures, they had succeeded in using blood magic to blend three races – Bright Fae, Dark Fae, and Changeling – into a single creature. The resulting infant was not, as they had hoped, one of the Tuatha Dé Danaan, but instead a multi-breed, something new altogether. While he might not be a throwback to the powerful, ancient People of Danu, the Dark Fae saw potential in him to become something powerful, something useful in their battles against the Bright Fae in the ongoing struggle for supremacy. For nearly two years, they subjected the child to every test they could, and grew increasingly pleased with the results.

Perhaps they would have succeeded in using the child; perhaps he would have become their new secret weapon. Except one night, a Dark Fae girl broke into the lab and stole the child. She was an apprentice at the lab and had come to hate the blood magic and everything her people were doing, especially to the small, helpless infant they had created. So she stole him, she ran, and she escaped across the invisible border between the Otherworld and the world of humanity.

That was fifteen years ago.