A/N: Hi there. I've been thinking of this idea for a long time and I finally just started writing it. I hope you like it.

Chapter One: Well What Do You Know?

Eliza Mattinson. Do you see her? She's the short petite girl who just walked down the hallway like she owned it: every locker, floor tile, and being in it. Her flowing straight light brown hair swaying behind her, her hips sashaying in that jeans skirt, and her many bangle bracelets glittering on her lightly tanned arms, bringing out the twinkle in her light blue eyes.

As she passed by my locker, I sighed as I slammed the door. There was only one way to hook up with a girl like that. In your dreams. A bunch of images came into mind. Me and Eliza walking along the moonlit beach, sharing secrets that we have never revealed to another soul. Me and Eliza eating a gorgeous pasta dinner at a secluded table in a five-star restaurant. Oh, and don't let me get started about the one where–

"Yo Ian!"

I snapped my head to my right to catch a football being thrown at my head. Oooo…lucky catch. Hmm, what could I do with this? Puncture it? Turn it into the new school flag?

I grinned as I pictured the chubby principal, Mr. Mallard, trying to tear down the football sewed to a square cloth that was flying in place of the American flag in the pole in front of the school.

Not a bad idea…

My friend Derek raced up to me, trying to keep a hold of those baggy pants of his. His spiked hair was a distinguishing factor. Not many other boys at this school had brown hair with red, orange and yellow tips, always spiked up or mischievous green eyes rimmed with kohl.

"Yo, give me the ball man."

"Nah, I get to keep this one."

"What's it to you, punk? C'mon give it to me." He gave me a teasing punch on the arm.

I faked a pass, and held onto the ball.

"Well how many flyaway balls am I gonna have to deal with every week? 10? 20? I nearly lost my head with that basketball you chucked my way last month."

"C'mon, aren't you ever going to let that go? That was a mistake, it just slipped from my fingers."

"Yea, right and-"


We glanced at each other, and started sprinting down the now-empty hall.

"Oh shit, McCormick's gonna have my head for sure now," Derek guffawed.

I grinned. And picked up speed.

oo00OO( I )(A)(N)OO00oo

"Thanks, jackass, now I got detention" I told Derek as I met up with him after lunch.

"Hey it's not my fault you wouldn't give back the damn ball." And then he broke out into one of his annoying little grins that spread from ear-to-ear. "Well…at least you have company."

I laughed and slapped Derek on the back.

We made our way to the cafeteria and stood in line. When we were near the food, we began pilling junk on our plates. Hot dogs, mac and cheese, brownies.

Junk food!!! Now that's what I live for.

One girl in front of us looked back at us in disgust. She sniffed at the amount of food we had already crammed on our trays, and flicked her dark brown hair, daintily picking out a salad from the line of food.

"You know, I think I may just have to stop continuing this unhealthy lifestyle filled with junk food cravings." I said in a high pitched voice. "Those calories are killers. I may have to lay off eating altogether. Or just go down the bulimic path. I heard about it from what's-it's-name magazine. I hear it does wonders for your figure. And you know some people just need to lose a couple pounds." I looked pointedly at the girl in front of me.

She looked shocked, as if I would even suggest a thing, and said hmmph and trotted off with her rabbit food.

Girls. I have simply no idea how they do it. Give up eating altogether? Pfftt.

Derek snickered at me. "Nice going man."

We sat down at the table next to a bunch of people. And they just took up and left. Only us. Nobody else sitting at this table now. I guess they all knew what was going to happen in the next 30 seconds, or how long it takes for us to gulp down a bit of all this food we were carrying, considering it has happened for the past 3 years that I've been to this school. Yea, you know what I'm talking about (and for the clueless ones two words…)

"FOOD FIGHT!!!" I yelled and started slinging my hotdog (bun and all) in a random direction. And then there was silence.


Big oops there. My eyes widened. I seriously didn't mean for it to hit-

Eliza Mattinson got out of her seat, a big ketchup stain on the back of her white cropped button-up sweater (which went over her blue tank top).

She looked boiling mad.

"YOU IDIOT!!!" She grabbed a pudding from her tray and expertly flung it towards me.

Um, did I forget to mention that she plays softball? Yea, that's what I thought.

I dove under the cafeteria table. And still got pudding streaked through my hair for my troubles.

The whole cafeteria was quiet for a moment.

And then there was pandemonium. Food flying everywhere.

"Awesome!" Derek and I echoed at the same time. And ducked simultaneously at a spray of mustard that was suddenly squirted in our direction.

I grabbed a handful of food.

The cafeteria doors swung open. And a beet-red Mr. Mallard stormed in. He didn't even look in our direction, just took in the sight of his precious cafeteria filled with food everywhere, on the walls, on the floor, on the tables, on the students. He looked like he was about to pass out or have a heart attack for a minute, but apparently he had enough energy to just call out "IAN SCHAFFER!!"

Uh-oh. I guess someone's busted. What are you looking at me for?