A/N: Well, I guess this is a way of realizing how much time we spend on being bitter and angry that we can use on such better things, like apology. Hell, so much talent in song-writing is wasted on venting anger instead of conveying a better emotion. So maybe I'll try and turn shit in a more positive direction.

Headbutts and Hangovers

Headbutts and hangovers,
Just morons having fun.
Drinking and falling down,
And now it's finally done.

This is my way of apology.
For letting jealousy and anger take the best of me.
Returning the favor when you get pinned down!
Just because I sunk doesn't mean I'll let you drown!

So beat all that pain out of your head!
Remember the useless shit that we said.

I guess this is accepting the fact that I'm dead!
To brush off this empty existence I've lead!
Nothing is something and something means nothing!
So what are we accomplishing when we try to think?
Don't say a word, it's hard enough to convey,
That I'm saying sorry in my own absent way.

Headbutts and hangovers,
The mailbox never had a chance.
Stumbling all through town,
All my pointless rants.

This is the way to forget me.
In a ridiculous salute to stupid irony.
So what if she dropped you like a pile of bricks?
Drop it yourself and it don't have to stick.

Let's kick all the crap out of our mind!
It's not like we can say that we don't have the time.

I guess this is accepting the reasons we gave!
This is destroying what everyone else made!
It's ironic to ponder and stupid to consider,
The advice of hundreds is only a hinder!
Why wreck the party, we're having a blast!
Why waste the future, drowning in the past?

Showed me, I'm stupid, and proved it's a gift!
We're only retarded, and we're proud of it!
Doing nothing is funny, and school is a bore.
Backflips attempted introduced us to the floor.
Ending the movie with such a twist.
Forgive and forget...
Will we remember this?

A/N: Well, again, I'm doing a lot more experimental styles. Example being this song, which takes a noticably more upbeat and positive feel. It's about all my friends back in Thamesdenwell (Bothwell, Thamesville and Dresden.), so hope you guys can appreciate this.