you kidnap her senses weaving gold and red into the blind light of her eyes.
the dimmed room seems to welcome you into its darkness. oh, you never
cared about her paralysis before; don't lie awake at night regretting what you
made her feel. just tell her you're not really interested anymore - yeah, that'll
be fine. just keep quiet about how her bones felt against your lips. forcing the
truth is just too hard to do. check her name off your list of to-do's and make
sure to tell your friends how you're mostly made up of acidic addiction.
who can resist, right? i mean, you've never worn a sign warning how toxic
you are. how easy it is to just go around melting things apart. don't let her stop
you, burn your way on through. next in line, please grab a number: you've
seemed to have lost track along the way. now it all feels the same. hell, you
can't even feel at all anymore. don't remind yourself of what she told you.
serves you right. you had it coming. well it's come and went, darling.
now you'll put it in reverse and come back home to me.


this is really old.
it's a bit bitter.

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