It was a Saturday.

Kendra cracked one sleepy chocolate eye open and graced the world with a blurry gaze at her bedroom floor. Somewhere in the recess of Kendra's sleep glazed mind, she reflected on the past two weeks. She was dating the most irritating, wonderful, amazingly stunning boy she had ever met, pleaded with said stunning boy to slow down relationship with success, and vowed to bring happiness to her mother.

All was partially right with the half-baked world.

Kicking the green and white sailboat sheets from her body, she sat up and looked around her messy room. A soft, increasingly irritating buzzing was ringing in her ears and she had no clue why. Slightly nodding off, drifting in and out of sleep, only one word wormed its way into her sleep-induced daze.


Shuffling to her feet, Kendra stiffly searched for her cell phone. Shortly thereafter, she discovered the miniature phone on her dresser. Furrowing her eyebrows and not having the mental capacity to look at the caller id, she quickly grabbed it, flipped it open, and pressed it to her ear.

"What?" Kendra's raspy voiced asked.

"Wake up sleepy head!" Kelly and Stella sang together on the phone.

Kendra winced; she could practically see the rainbows spouting out of the receiver.

Kendra sighed, "Is there a good reason?" She asked carefully, the wraps of sleep were slowly slipping from her.

"Possibly." Kelly answered smugly.

"S'more Day!" Stella yelled excitedly.

That shook Kendra to full alertness as a grin spread on her face. "Whose house?" Kendra asked, excitement growing.

"Stell's. At five, I believe." Kelly directed. Kendra imagined she was smiling widely by now.

"Yes ma'am. I call chocolate!" Kendra quickly yelled before the other two could protest and hung up.

Grinning, she stretched her arms.

S'more Day was a random day the three mutually picked once every other couple months to spend the day at one of their houses' eating s'mores and nothing else. A way to relieve stress. Each one was designated to get one of the ingredients, chocolate being the more favorite pick because there was more variety. The last three times Kendra had been stuck with marshmallows, the least favorable pick.

Humming, Kendra strode to her bathroom, washed herself and hair, dressed quickly in slightly loose jeans, a navy blue t-shirt, and usual blue and yellow checkered vans and threw on a yellow sweatshirt. Not caring much, Kendra carelessly threw her damp hair into a messy knotted bun.

Slipping on her glasses, with a slight pep in her step, the teenager hopped down the stairs, two at a time, and walked to the kitchen. Marcus slumped in a kitchen chair, munching on a pop tart, a thoughtful expression on his face.

"Sup, Brothah Man." Kendra greeted him.

He quirked an eyebrow, "I really don't understand how you can manage to embarrass yourself in your own home."

"I don't understand how you can radiate such rays of obnoxiousness." She shot back.

He rolled his eyes, unaffected. "What are you up to today?" He asked curiously.

"Inhaling inhuman amounts of chocolate." Kendra replied, nonchalantly.

"Should' a known if it involves food you'll be up in no time." He sighed.

"One hundred percent correct." Kendra said over her shoulder as she rummaged through the fridge. Grabbing two slices of ham and cheese, she squirted ketchup in-between the two then rolled them up together and stuffed it into her mouth as one whole.

Marcus grimaced, "You're disgusting."

Kendra quickly flashed him a view of half chewed ham, cheese, and ketchup before smiling at his horrified face and leaving to search for her mother.

Finding her sitting in the living room scribbling something on a piece of paper, feet propped up and half paying attention to Oprah's advice on finding the right shoes, Kendra wrapped her mother in a hug, and lightly kissed her on the cheek.

"Mamma," Kendra said quietly, "do you need me to do anything for you today?"

Mrs. Johnson looked better each and every day, her eyes were still tired and randomly a nosy family member would call, but it was gradually becoming calmer in their household. Something they all hoped it would remain to be.

Mrs. Johnson slightly smiled, "Yes actually." She patted her daughter's hand, " I need you to go to the store and pick these up for me." Kendra's mother handed her the shopping list, each item was written in a neat, easy-to-read format.

Kendra smiled happily at her mother. Mrs. Johnson peered suspiciously at her child, then sighed.

"I'll give you five." She bargained.

"Twenty?" Kendra pleaded.

"Ten. Take it or leave it." Mrs. Johnson offered.

"Done." Kendra said quickly. Her mother grinned and handed her the adequate money.

"Go, go!" She shooed her daughter.

"Yes, ma'am!" Kendra replied, a little indignant huff added to her tone.

Looking for Marcus, this time, Kendra rounded back to the kitchen. "Markeeeyy!!" Kendra sang. She heard him grunt irritated from the stairs. A wicked grin smeared on her face, "Markey-poo, I need a ride to Wal-maaaart!" She continued to sing.

Marcus snorted quite loudly. "Nope!" He called from upstairs this time, "Got diarrhea!"

Kendra grumbled peevishly. "Lil liar."

Feeling too lazy to demote herself to pestering and begging, Kendra racked her brain for another possible driver.

Slowly, a coy smile lighted her features. Not giving it another thought, Kendra slipped the list into her back pocket, trading it for her cell phone, and literally hopped out the door, calling a farewell behind her.

She quickly dialed in Deonte's number.

It rang once. Twice.

"Hello?" Deonte's soothing voice answered. Her heart filled with warmth she could exactly describe in words.

"Hi." She smiled.

" Hello, Love. What's up?" He asked, Kendra could tell he was also smiling.

"I'm coming over, just thought I should warn you." She grinned.

"I'm scared. Kit, Oh no. Are you going to steal all my desserts again?!" Deonte asked in faux horrified voice.

Kendra rolled her eyes and then chuckled. "Ridiculous, I would do no such thing!" Then hung up.

Cackling, she walk towards Deonte's street, 'Haha! Payback for hanging up on me!'

Because of her brisk strides, Kendra arrived at the familiarly large house fairly quickly. She rapped on the door feigning urgency in her knocks. Not getting past half a dozen knocks, the door forcefully swung opened, revealing Deonte in all his handsomeness.

Kendra didn't breathe for a moment.

He grinned. "Are you going to come in?" He asked, amused. "Or are you just going to stand there?"

"Stand here." Kendra said defiantly, once she remembered how to make her lungs work. Suddenly, she realized she needed him to do something for her. She cleared her throat loudly. Deonte raise an eyebrow, emerald eyes sparkling as he smiled. Kendra then grinned cheekily at him.

Turn on the charm.

"Deonnntteeee." Kendra sang, "would you like to do something amazing for me?" She feverishly batted her eyelashes and gave him what she hoped was a seductive smile. Deonte's shoulders began to shake violently as he hunched over holding his stomach as if in pain. Abruptly, laughter spilled from his lips.

"Please don't tell me your trying to seduce me!" He laughed even harder.

Kendra glowered at the boy and crossed her hands in an aggressive manner, a faint touch of color tinting her chocolate cheeks.

" Stella and Kelly always do that to their boyfriends." She grumbled, highly annoyed Deonte found her attempt humorous.

Wiping tears from his vibrant eyes, Deonte stood straight, and still laughing, wrapped his arms around her. Kendra's mind blanked out completely and immediately forgot all the angry remarks she was going to make. His smell was driving her insane. She had no clue what it was, but he smelled really good. Not caring if he heard, Kendra dug her nose into his chest, and took a deep whiff. His scent invaded her senses, and took no notice when Deonte held her a little tighter.

"Didn't even bother to sneak that one, did ya?" He grinned.

Kendra felt warm, lightheaded, and her heart was sputtering, but she knew she liked it. She grinned up at him, taking note that his messy hair strangely looked really good as well. Curious, she wondered at the dynamics of Caucasian hair. Reaching up, she flopped his dark hair to one side. It bounced back into its' former odd angle. She blinked in awe.

Deonte gently moved Kendra's face to put her full attention on him. He smiled kindly, "You're easily distracted." He stated.

"It's a curse." Kendra shrugged and sighed comfortably. She felt content in his arms.

"So how long have we been standing in my front door for?" Deonte asked more to himself than anyone else. He rested his chin on her shoulder. "And what exactly did you need me to do for you?" He inquired.

Kendra jolted to attention, and swiftly broke away from Deonte. "Crap!!" She smacked her forehead violently. Reaching into her back pocket Kendra took and shoved a crinkled piece of paper in Deonte's face.

"A…shopping list?" He asked confusedly.

"Give the man a prize!" She grinned wickedly.

He pouted, "Kit, don't bully me," He made a dramatic pose, "my heart is fragile."

Kendra's dark eyebrow rose as she resisted the urge to smack him. Choosing to ignore his ridiculousness, she grabbed his hand in her and dragged him across the neat yard.

"We're going to the King of all stores, Wal-mart!" She yelled excitedly.

Seemingly effortless, Deonte dragged her back towards the front door, cackling. Kendra growled noisy obscenities in his wake. Calmly, he grabbed his keys on the formally unseen table near the door, locked the door, and proceeded to ignore random outburst of anger as he dragged back the spunky girl towards the driveway. A devious smirk eloquently placed itself on his lips, unknown to Kendra.

"Vous devez moi." He mumbled almost inaudibly.


Kendra snickered wildly. A mountain of chocolate was stacked before her. Deonte stood behind her, and shook his head in dismay. The chocolate didn't stand a chance. Kendra had informed him of she and her friends' traditional day, and Deonte offered to help her buy as much as chocolate as she could for ten dollars.

T'was much harder than it seemed.

Silently making a compromise with herself, Kendra grabbed two bags of Cheetoes, regular kisses, white chocolate kisses, cherry chocolate kisses, and kisses with some kind of unidentified nut in them. Satisfied, she added them to the cart wedged between Deonte and herself.

"That's a lot more than ten dollars worth of candy." He stated.

Kendra agreed.

"You're paying!" She sang joyously. He glared.

Kendra danced around in a circle. Deonte began to sulk, and mutter incoherently in French.

Grabbing his hand and the cart handle in the other, she briskly began her strut to the checkout counters. She grinned, feeling her fingers laced with Deonte's. "I think I'm getting better at this girlfriend thing." She thought giddily, before knocking over a mass of sweet potatoes.


"Actually, no, they're potatoes." Deonte corrected her. Kendra glared in response.

"Shut up." She snarled.

He laughed.


The two had delivered Mrs. Johnson's groceries, and Kendra had felt no need to stay home for another three hours doing nothing. Attempting to keep as much dignity in place, as she could, argued that the only reason she was staying with Deonte was for the hope for cupcakes.

Minutes later, Deonte and Kendra arrived back at his house. As soon as Deonte opened the door, Mr. Rillington, carrying an adorable Richie under his arm rushed out. Deonte's father smiled warmly. "Kendra! I haven't seen you in ages!"

"Kendra!" Richie's light brown eyes widened with delight. Arms reaching out, he gave Kendra a hug.

Kendra returned the hug with a grin.

"I'm sorry we can't stay and chat, but Richie and myself have some shopping and appointments to get to." He said quite apologetically, while rushing off with Richie. He called a bye before they hopped in their van and sped away.

Deonte shook his head at his family, a small smile appearing. "Come on in." he invited, as he ushered her in.

Putting on the "I own the place" aura, Kendra plopped comfortably on the couch, flashed Deonte a brilliant grin, before finding the remote and flipping to the Disney Channel.

Smiling in resignation, Deonte made her scoot over to one side of the couch. Then somehow, shifted her over onto his lap. Kendra yelped in protest, but was overpowered with the strong hold around her middle. Giving up, and deciding Disney was far more important, Kendra let herself relax.

Deonte grinned. 'Round one: Victory.'

Suddenly, something caught his eye. On the left side of Kendra jaw line, was small lonely freckle.

"Kendra," he said urgently, "did you know you have freckles?"

Breaking her concentration from Hannah Montana, she gave him a weird look. "I believe I do have knowledge of all my birthmarks."

His face looked like he was trying to hold something back for a moment. Glancing back at the freckle, he smirked mischievously; he knew he couldn't help himself.

Leaning slightly forward, Deonte's lips met her jaw. Goose flesh flowed across Kendra's body as she gasped.

"Rillington," She breathed out.

He slowly ran kisses along her jaw line, making her grow hotter with every second of contact. Her hands clutched at the edge of the sofa, Deonte continued to trail his hot kisses down her neck, as he moved her position to on top him.

"You have sexy freckles." He hoarsely whispered in Kendra's ear. Her eyes grew wide at the remark.

Kendra felt herself slip away from the couch, and before she could stop it, her hindquarters landed harshly on the carpet. Groaning in pain, Kendra sat up, and glared at Deonte as he cackled loudly at her misfortune.

She growled angrily. "You owe a family size pack of Cheetoes. No excuses!"

Crawling to him, she punched his stomach. It had no effect; he continued to laugh, harder if possible. Infuriated, Kendra moved to pinch his face into submission. Deonte grabbed both her wrists before she could even touch him.

She gazed heaven-ward, "Where's the divine intervention?!" Kendra grumbled peevishly. A shriek of a doorbell cut through the atmosphere. Shifting himself upward, Deonte quickly pecked Kendra's temple before rushing to the door before she could endeavor in slicing his head off.

Deonte swung open the polished door, a cheerful smile lighting his eyes and face. In seconds the smile dropped to the floor.

"Philippe!" A heavily accented feminine voice cried, "Oh, how I've missed you!"


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