End of the Road

We're at the end of the road now,

But we're not asking why;

We're just staring at each other,

Wondering how to say goodbye.

There's no turning back now-

The past can't be reached,

But we know there's no future;

That wall can't be breached.

We've nothing left in common

But memories and pain,

And that cold and empty feeling

That things won't be the same.

Your road is leading one way,

And mine is going in another:

We're making slow progress

Away from each other.

We knew we were headed

That way from the start,

But I wasn't prepared

For this ache in my heart.

Still, nothing can change

The fact that we're here,

So goodbye my dear friend,

And I hope well you'll fare.

Maybe when many years have passed

Our paths will meet again,

But if not, I'll hold the memory

That we two once were friends.