Forever and always

I'm writing you this from the passenger seat of His car, but don't worry.

I can just picture your face right now; you raise your eyebrow in concern for me and you

Breathe in quickly, biting your lip and running your hand through your hair.

But don't worry, He wont notice, He never notices.

The weathers nice today, just a light breeze.

It lifts my hair up swirling it around my face and it makes me think of you. I know you

Don't agree with all of this, with us. But I can't help wanting you, needing you and it kills

Me to think I am trapping you in my world. I know you wouldn't want to think of it like

That. After all, you're the one who's always protecting me, always there when I need you.

To pick me up, to catch me when I fall. But the truth is my darling, I'm the spider and

You're the fly and that night you kissed me you became trapped in my web and tangled in

All the lies and bed sheets and now you're stuck there my darling, and it just about kills me to watch

You there, but it would kill me even more to watch you walk away. So now I sit here writing a

Letter in the passenger seat of His car, His holiday, His life and I am His.

But you are my love,

Forever and always.