Chapter 1

I sat on my windowsill watching the raindrops make small rivers on the glass, the rain was maddening. I wanted the sunlight; I wanted it to warm my cheeks. Fire flickering from my finger tips, it was all I could manage without the sun.

"Rae!" My mother, called from downstairs. "Come down for game night!"

I sighed noisily, I hated game night. It was something mom came up with for "family bonding" time. We always get into a fight over every game, monopoly, scrabble, cards, everything. I stomped down the stairs and went into the dining room. My little brother, Shiloh, and my dad were sitting around a monopoly board. Mom was making snacks in the kitchen. When mom came in with chips and dip, popcorn, crackers and cheese we started the game.

We played until Shiloh got tired which was five hours, the game was mostly over anyways because I was pretty much winning. Surprisingly enough, we didn't fight this time. I helped clear the table and then I went to my room. I turned on my computer and checked my email, there were three. One from each of my friends, Bailey, Marnie and August, all their emails were more or less the same, they all said that they couldn't wait to see me in the summer.

Summer, ahh sweet, sweet summer.

Summer meant sunlight and warmth, and most of all, school.

Yes, school.

It was no ordinary school it was a school for people with powers, elemental powers.

Like us.

It was a place for people like me to practice and control their elements. Mine was fire, the hardest to control and rarest to be born with. My parents were both earth, my brother air. Very common elements, I hated that part, I hated that I had to suffer as fire, I hated that I had to be special, I didn't want to be special. But in some ways it had its perks.

My brother was too young to go to the school yet, his element hadn't developed, my parents had both gone to the same school as I did and that's where they met and fell in love.

We go to the school at the beginning of summer and stay there for a year, and then we get a year off to practice what we learned. It was hard for me because I needed the sun to energize me and to keep my power strong. I can last a few days without sun but in the winter it's torture.

I replied to my friends' email and went to bed; I hoped that the sun would come out tomorrow.