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"Rae Reynolds!" Principal Jones called out my name. The audience cheered. I stood up and walked up the stage stairs and went to the podium. Principal Jones shook my hand and bowed, I bowed back. I turned to the crowd and smiled. I held my hands out to my sides and made a purple and red flame, I threw them upwards. They went screaming towards the darkening sky and collided together.


Gotta love them.

Everyone cheered, I flipped the tassel over to the other side of my hat and I walked off the stage.


Finally done my time at the elemental school. Mom had tears streaming down her face and dad took so many pictures I thought I would go blind. I hugged them both and ruffled my little brother's hair.

"So Shiloh, what do you think of the school?" I had given Shiloh a quick tour since he was going to the school this summer.

"It was okay..."

"Not scary at all?"

"Nope, I'm not like Spark." Shiloh puffed his chest out and put his hands on his hips. I poked his belly and he laughed. Well, I think my family got over our minor dyfunctionality. Ty hugged me from behind. I ran my hand over his arms. His chin was resting against the top of my head. I felt him vibrate with laughter I turned in his arms.

"What's so funny?" I asked even though I knew the answer.

"Oh, just you, getting warmer." He smiled. I knew it. I always got warmer when he touched me. It was an instant reaction, I've gotten used to it. I smiled up at him and kissed him. Suddenly a flash went off and I pulled away to look at my dad.

"Dad!" He smiled at me, pretending to be innocent. I stepped away from Ty and closer to my dad, eyeing the camera.

"What? I didn't do anything." He grinned and took off running. Ugh, I hated it when he runs away from me. It was his ability. Pretty useless if you ask me, but at times like this it's pretty useful. I raised my hands and made an orb I threw it in the direction he ran. There was a soft thud and I smiled. I looked at Ty. He sighed and transported us to my dad.

"Rae, that's cheating." My dad said from inside the orb I made. The hand that was holding the camera was sticking out of the orb, just like I wanted. I took the camera and dissolved the orb. Scrolling through the pictures I found the one of Ty and me kissing. I kind of liked the picture.

"Dad, when you get home can you get this picture developed?" I asked looking at my dad, who was rubbing his wrist.

"Uh, what picture?" He said looking up at me.

"This one of me and Ty."

"Oh, of course. But I thought you didn't want it"

"I changed my mind. I like it."

"Okay." He smiled at me, I smiled back.

"Um…" I looked back to the graduation. "I think mom is getting worried."

"That's right I am" My mom whispered to me. Dad took off running and Ty transported us back to my mom. Spark and Marnie were standing hand in hand with Bailey, August, Shiloh and my mom when we got back. We all posed for pictures.

Well, I killed the Dark Lord, Damien, made a new friend, and made old friendships stronger. Got a super cool boyfriend, and did I mention that Ty and I are going to train younger students? Yup, I'm going to be a trainer! Very exciting!

When the million of camera flashes finally stopped I walked over to Principal Jones who was waving and whispering to me like a maniac.

"Yes Mr. Jones?"

"Rae, I want to introduce you to someone." He turned and walked away, I followed. He led me to his office.

He turned to me "Stay right here." I nodded and stood beside a tall bookshelf. I watched as he unlocked a door, which I hadn't noticed before, behind his desk. He pushed open the door and a woman stepped out. She had long, shiny red-orange hair, and bright hazel eyes. She was quite tall and slim; she was wearing a black pencil skirt and a fitted red suit jacket with red three-inch heels. What Principal Jones said next took my breath away.

"Rae this is your great-great-great grandmother, Queen Flamira." He said in a quiet voice.

She smiled at me "Hello Rae..."

To be continued...