It was getting late

But the party just got louder,

You said you wanted to go where it was more quiet,

So I followed you up the stairs

In my stiletto heels that I just had to have.

You led me into a dark bedroom

And I tried to turn on the lights,

But you gently grabbed my hand

And told me to leave them off.

You led me to the bed and sat down,

I sat beside you and asked "What do you want to talk about?"

The reply I got was your tongue down my throat.

It was nice at first

But then you got rough,

I tried to stop you but you grabbed my wrists

And flipped me over,

You were on top of me

Holding me down,

I begged

I pleaded

For you to stop.

I tried to scream but your mouth silenced me,

I felt helpless and I knew you weren't going to stop,

You let go of my hands

But I stayed as limp as a rag doll,

Terrified of moving.

You groped me,

You bit me,

You told me hot I was,

And I hated it all.

Then you pulled off my shirt

And pulled down my skirt,

Took off your shirt

And unzipped your pants,

I was petrified,

Too scared to scream

Or try to get away.

I closed my eyes

But you demanded that I open them,

And I did.

Then you did what I had been dreading,

You broke me,

You took away the only thing I had left to myself,

You wiped away my tears as you moaned

And kissed me hard when I screamed in pain.

Them you were done and said "Now it wasn't that bad was it?"

And through my sobbing I quietly said "bastard,"

And you slapped me hard in the face.

You said not to tell anyone

Or you'd kill me.

You ruined my body,

You ruined my soul,

You ruined my innocence,

You ruined my life,

I hate you,

I wish you would die,

Because you killed me,

Your one time rag doll,

That you raped.