Oh gracious king,

Thou hast asked me,

Thou hast begged me,

To release this horrible, heart-aching information.


Therefore, I console thee,

And politely remind thee,

Thou hast taken a vow.

And not one word of this shall be spoken again.


'Twas a day like no other,

A day dull and mundane,

Uneventful and redundant,

What a dull, dull day.


The quest had all but ended.

The dragon had puffed his last breath of smoke,

And I had slain his sorry hide.

However even this did not excite me.


The princess accepted me with open arms,

Her lips were soft and light on mine.

And yet the lightning never came,

The thrilling sensation of a love did not strike.


I howled in agony,

For the dragon had nearly slaughtered me,

Nevertheless, the pain did nothing to my nerves,

'Twas still a dull, dull day.


The dragon's cranium on a pedestal,

I rode through the street of thy fair city,

The throng of people cheered in enthusiasm.

Just the same, it proved not to be contagious.


Indeed, this day was dull.

This dull, dull day;

'Twas the most exciting one of mine life.

The most exciting dull day of mine entire being.


'Tis here that I leave thee

Oh gracious, great king.

I leave thee with this thought of triumph.

For to-day I hath discovered sarcasm.