I'm the Raggedy Man

Eyes lifeless and cold

A mouth made of stitches

Body parts, new and old

Sewn together careless

These threads tied so loose

Strings hold on my head

Nearly forming a noose

I don't make any movement

I can't make a sound

So you see me as something

That you just throw around

Limp and alone

I fly through the air

Silently pleading

That someone would care

But you do what you will

And you don't set me free

But be careful how you play

You may just cut me

Another mistake

That I feel thanks to you

Patch me up quickly

And abuse me like you do

At the end of the day

You sleep in your beds

With no pain or self doubt

To trouble your heads

But I lay on the floor

Face-down and afraid

Of what comes tomorrow

And what more will fade

But I won't ever complain

I just break and bend

Because I'm the Raggedy Man

Yours to play with, until the end.