My spirit roars
When it does not whisper harshly

And my anger blazes hot
When it does not burn cold

I stand upon a razor

Sorrow to my left
Rage to my right

My eyes hold wrath and torment
You cannot know what I have seen
You cannot hear what I have heard
Not yet

You are a glint in the eye of the world
And I am lost in the shadows of your lies
Cast over the lives of the innocent

I hold the question in my hand
Should I heal or destroy?

I know your sins
And I have seen through your oily skin
I have my eye set upon you
And my hands thirst for your blood

Destroyer of the sacrosanct
Purveyor of the Devil's will
Clothed in the skin of slain angels
I see you there in the corners of the light

You proclaim salvation in a voice of faux glory
Your intermittent insights are always skewed
And your whispers to yourself
Are in the voice of the damned

My actions, my future is a haze
But yours is filled with consequence
Yours is a judgment meted out by Christ
The God your serpentine voice claims to hold dear
Shall judge you and condemn you

I pray that God's hands find you
'Fore mine do