What happened to you?
The light that used to shine from your blue eyes has died
Yet your smile's still benign,
But emptiness reeks from those sunken cheeks
And the fading colour of your skin,
The fading colour of you,
As you escape yourself through constant sins.
The grey rims circle large
And compliments the red clots
invading the crystal blue,
Revealing it all.
But you won't confess,
Though no one should have to guess,
To watch the mess tainted and stained on your face,
Your shaggy clothes hanging lose from your waist.
And you speak of lies, because denial is so easy
and you smile ever so deceitfully.

Minds intoxicated
hearts suffocated
I'm looking straight into those eyes I used to adore,
As the pain sinks in deeper when I hold onto your hand.
Expressions so impassive,
Now to realise I've sold my soul
To someone so cold
As he stares into the abyss,
Ignorant and blind of his own self destruction. 3