I was just looking through some old files on my computer to clear them out when I ran into this story I started about a year ago, and I thought, well why not put it online and see if anyone likes it? So let me know what you think! Should I consider taking it back up and continuing it?

Okay, I'm just going to be straight with you. I'm not some fairy tale perfect little princess. Sorry. If you're looking for that kind of story, go watch a chick flick, cuz you aren't going to find it here.

Right, now that we have that out of the way, let me introduce my self. My name is Cassandra Evans, but everyone calls me Cassy. I'm 17. As far as physical description goes, I have brown hair that's a little past my shoulders and green eyes. I'm pretty average as far as height goes being 5'5". If I might say so, I have a pretty nice body, slender with some curves in the right places. As far as style goes, I guess you could call me skater, or punk. You know, with all the eyeliner? Studded belts and Chuck Taylor's? That sort of thing.

Okay, that's probably boring to you, I know it is to me. So let's get on with my life, and our story.

"School start's in 15 minute's! You'd better not be late for your first day! Are you even up yet???"

My mom's annoyed voice cut's into my beautiful dream... Okay so maybe it wasn't all that beautiful, considering I can't even remember what it was about, but that's beside the point! It was sleep!

"I'm up. I'm up! Chill out."

Grumbling I tumble out of bed and walk over to my closet rubbing my eyes and trying to wake up. Still mumbling to myself I pulled on some jeans, red chucks, and a t-shirt. Then I ran to my bathroom to put on some eyeliner before downstairs. Looking at my watch I realize I only have 11 minutes to get to school, and it's a 10 minute drive, and I hadn't eaten yet!

Great, isn't this just wonderful? Guess I'm just going to have to skip breakfast, like always.

I bolted towards the front door, grabbed my keys from my mother and sprinted down the stairs towards the driveway in record time. I had decided to be a good kiddy for once and try to be on time for class. Jumping in my refurbished stingray, I put the pedal to the metal and floored it. Well, if I was going to be on time to class, I might have to break a few laws' getting there!

Tires squealed as I slid into a parking spot right in front of a nice little Boxter, whose driver honked their horn at me. Like that was going to make me give them back the spot. Pft yeah right. I reached down and pulled a little lever to my side to pop the trunk and slammed the door on my way to the back of the car. I stood there in the back of the car for a moment digging through my messenger back looking for my schedule to see what torture I had first. Finding it I saw that I have Spanish first period.


I glanced down at my watch to see how much time I had left.

Two minutes?!? Crap!

I took off at a dead sprint towards the building that seemed to grow farther away the faster I ran. Panting, I just barely slide through the classroom door as the bell rings. Smirking at the teacher, I walk over to a desk in the back.

Hah! Can't give me ASD! Now, nap time anyone?

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