Epilogue: Our Finest Year

"Do you think we ought to stop him? I'm afraid he'll tire them out."

"No… Not yet. And I do believe it shall happen the other way around."

Cerasus-regna and Damonica-regi stood side by side, the former with his brows furrowed in worry and the latter with an amused smile on her face, watching as Calcifex gallivanted about the gardens with a golden hound and a similarly golden headed little girl chasing him. The three of them had been at it for hours – the dinner bell had long since been rung – and Cerasus was concerned for the little girl's stamina, afraid she would pass out in exhaustion at any moment.

But, just as Damonica predicted, Calcifex was the first to collapse to the ground in surrender, whereupon he was promptly tackled by his pursuers.

"Oof!" he exclaimed, catching the girl as she landed on his chest. "You've killed me!"

The child giggled, and Pariter saw fit to cover the wizard's face in sloppy kisses. Cal's resultant – and futile – effort to evade the licks brought another wave of laughter from the girl – the princess. But Damonica-regi took pity on the man and called her rambunctious dog off.

"Come, boy," she said, and the animal galloped off to her instantly.

Wiping slobber from his face, Calcifex sat up. He held tight to the child with his free arm so that she was sitting comfortably in his lap once he was upright. When he felt his face was sufficiently dry he looked down at her and was not surprised to see her smile at him as though she had just been a witness of the greatest scene to ever take place.

"You found that funny, did you?"

She nodded, her grin widening. Her golden curls bobbed about her head. Baby blue eyes gazed at him in glee. The wizard found his face twisting into a similar expression. It was impossible to chastise the girl, even jokingly, when she looked so much like her father.

"I suppose it can't be helped," he sighed, mostly to himself, and he leaned forward to place a kiss on the child's nose. She laughed and tried to return the gesture, but missed several times before hitting her target.

Damonica watched the scene with a serene look on her face. After a minute she turned to the king and said, "Perhaps you had better put him to bed before he exhausts himself so much that he oversleeps tomorrow."

Cerasus blushed lightly and clasped his hands behind his back. "I suppose so."

The queen chuckled. "Is everything prepared then?"

"Yes. It looks like the whole affair will run smoothly."


Nodding, Cerasus said, "Actually, there is one thing yet to be settled."

Damonica looked at him in mild surprise. "This late? Whatever is it?"

Cera looked off at Calcifex and his daughter. When he answered his tone was lightly teasing, "I need to know if there should be another setting between you and your father."

This time it was Damonica-regi's turn to blush. The color suited her. "Ah. I see. Well, yes. I suppose there should be."

The king smiled. "Very well. And… I'm happy for you."

Damonica's gaze found the wizard and the princess, who were now having a contest to see who could kiss the other one's face the most, and she felt herself swell with contentment. "Yes. So am I."

The king and queen looked at one another. Damonica grinned. "Now you really should be getting to bed. You wouldn't want to be late to your own wedding, now would you?"

Cerasus laughed. He saw one dark and one blonde head turn at the sound: Calcifex and Mialynn, the most important things in his life. He smiled at both his daughter and his lover in turn. "No, I really wouldn't."


I give you the shortest chapter of anything ever. But this is the end, folks. Of Continuum, anyway. Please remember there is a new poll in my profile that I would really love to see people vote on. It will pretty much determine whether the story stops here or if there is going to be a third installment of this series.

Either way, to all of you who have stuck with Cal and Cera since the beginning, and who have suffered through the endless angst and fluff, you have my utmost gratitude and love. The fact that you made it this far means the world to me.


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