(Part Two.)

Why didn't you make it more lucid?

Why did you rip my heart out?

Why did you destroy my dreams?


Why did you string my heart out?
Why did you make my heart stop?

Why were you the perfect guy for me?

But, I wasn't the perfect girl for you?

Why was I speechless?

Why did I freeze?

Why did I heat?

Why didn't you feel the same way?


Why did I say the wrong thing?

Why did I let it slip out?

How could I have been so stupid?


You made me live and breathe.

You made me believe in myself, unlike anybody else.

You made me smile at the littlest things.

Why did you let me feel all good inside?

Why did you make me complete?

Why did you make my heart beat?

My blood flow….

Why did you have to go?


(Oh, why….)