Living Sacrifices

Pleasing, and Perfect, and Good,

That's where I wanna be.

Of course… I would…

Not long for a place away from He

Yet in this life of sin

I could not,

Would not,

Do so on a whim.

Brothers! My Brothers! Christians!

We are to be a living sacrifice,

Even though we are wishin'

To be out of this active vice.

Worshipping in acts so spiritual,

Transformed I will be

In this life of me,

A King so virtual.

So no longer will I take up this worldly plow

And be dragged in the dirt and grim

That my Lord and Savior can see me even now

As his Son and Daughter to be thine.

I am to be stripped clean

Of my impure mind.

In His will Divine

Afloat, in this boat, of this Stream.